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outfit post: megadeth…

Posted in Music, Outfit by yoshi on March 24, 2011

i’ve always had a place in my heart for metal… my ex told me it was because i was (am) an angry person… yea. i can agree with that.

from rust in peace… polaris

but my personal fave is hangar 18:

…and trust:

WTF is a theremin player?

Posted in Music by yoshi on March 4, 2011

what the hell is a theremin player you ask? well… let these amazing musicians show you… bahahahhahhhaha

classical version of rihanna’s please don’t stop the music…

Posted in Blogosphere, Music by yoshi on January 23, 2011

being a former pianist, i’m absolutely in AWE of this lola astonova chick – holy shit! there are hints of riri’s hit but still definitely worth watching and listening. her hands… so fast!

and here’s a video of her playing chopin’s fantasie impromptu… i learned this as well, but not at this level lmaoooo –

Keri Hilson. you’re on FIYAH!

Posted in Music by yoshi on November 22, 2010

hot hot hot! i love her hair – inspiration to keep growing mine!

WeSC x Dante Ross and the arrival of T19!

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia, Music, Skateboarding by yoshi on September 21, 2010

last week WeSC hosted a launch party for dante‘s new headphones. i have to admit, they’re pretty dope. you can’t hear ANYTHING outside of what the speakers are playing.. hmm… so i guess its not the best if you’re riding your bike or if you’re uber tired on the tried trying to get home… congrats D

also, got to meet up with the T19 crew from japan! finally got to meet mr. singo in person! awesome kid and runs the skateboarding scene in tokyo… no, really, he does. =P otaki, kaori, andrew, and a few others came as well! i LOVE hanging out with them, they’re so much fun and i love watching them skate. after the party we walked around san gennaro where otaki fell in love with fried oreos and we had some bomb ass cheap chinese food off hester and baxter – under $5!!! yum…

singo!!! (pronounced shingo)

my flash is all effed bc of my case oops

*photos taken with iPhone4

gaga for GAGA.

Posted in Music by yoshi on July 7, 2010

it was my first time at MSG and what a way to kick that off by watching the infamous LADY fucking GAGA perform on stage. yea, ok, so we were high up, but it didn’t matter!

it was really a sight to see as the fans danced and sang to just about every song.

lady gaga is the shit – so talented. i think everyone was almost brought to tears at one point or another… its phenomenal how much she’s accomplished – whether you hate her or love her, you can’t deny that the woman’s got the IT factor.

she played at least 4 different instruments, she put elton john to shame as she played on top of the piano banging the keys with her booted up foot. YES, her FOOT.

thank you schmangy, lyz, and josephine for an awesome time!!!!! ❤

oh yea – highlights from last night? shout-outs to the queer and lovely, gaga’s costumes (duh), and her titty/crotch fire set… yea. believe it.

yes - that's gaga in that thing lol

schmangy =) ❤

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Toro Y Moi and High Places at the Whitney…

Posted in Events, Music, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on July 7, 2010

last week i attended the whitney live’s opening performances by toro y moi and high places. i even got a chance to interview them!

chaz from toro y moi is pretty amazing, he’s young, talented, has a great voice, and he’s half filipino! what what! =P

check out my recap and a few photos on Keds’ blog! (oh, video footage of the interviews to come!) don’t forget to “like it” hehehehe

chaz bundick - toro y moi

the lovely ladies from night agency

mary - high places - ain't she purrrty?

met these folks from

KedsWhitney launch party…

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Events, Music by yoshi on July 2, 2010

i previously mentioned that i was covering the KedsWhitney festivities going on over at the whitney museum. they had their opening night on wednesday and i met up with some of the crew from the night agency and also met a bunch of the keds folks!


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