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Posted in Fashion, Friends & Familia, Outfit, Twilight by yoshi on June 30, 2010

thanks to my buddy nat, i was able to watch eclipse the day before everyone else did – woot woot! he always hooks a twihard up =P i’m especially grateful because he trekked it all the way out with a sprained ankle/foot, so i gotta figure out a way to make it up to him. maybe i’ll get him that pimp stick he’s been talkin bout…

eclipse is the BEST one yet!!! GAH! i’ve already seen in 2 times hahahaha (yes, i ended up watching the midnight showing the next day… i know… i know… shut it).

i went to the new forever21 in times square. i wasn’t expecting much, so i was quite shocked when i actually found a ton of shit. 4 floors of craziness and the lines for the fitting rooms weren’t bad at all! i give it 2 thumbs up… for now =P

outfit deets: top (or whatever you call it | urban outfitters on sale) | shorts (f21) | fedora (f21) | wedges (jessica simpson, but thanks to wendy!)

…geeking out with my fellow twi-hards

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Friends & Familia, Twilight by yoshi on June 7, 2010

had dinner with 2 of my former twicon competitors: ana and dominique the other night at saigon grill.

we laughed. we cried. we fought over whether or not taylaut was gay… (he is, watch), and of course we talked about our excitement over ECLIPSE…. GAH. for all you new readers, i also have a twilight blog called WTForks =P

watch out for these 2, they’ve got a ton going for them!

oh! if you ever go to saigon grillORDER THE BULACLAC!!!!

oooooh yea….

Posted in Twilight by yoshi on March 12, 2010

you know i couldn’t resist posting this up. and if you didn’t know, i also have a twilight blog (how could you NOT know this?!) check out:

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hellz-bellz at capsule… and our run in with ROB PATTINSON…

Posted in Fashion, Food for Thought, Twilight by yoshi on February 24, 2010

this past weekend i helped lawn set up for her capsule show. this woman is ON A MISSION! she literally just got back from vegas and hopped back on a plane to come back to ny – GAH – how i don’t miss this life lmao… but good thing is – i get to see lawn again! =P

i was able to preview the hellz-bellz sp/su and fall 2010 collections. OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGGGGGGGAAAHHH! i wanted to steal all of the samples, but i think she would have noticed =X let’s just say… if you already dig lawn’s style, she DEFINITELY has put more of herself into the collections.

here are some sneaks:

lawn - can i steal the moleskin from you lmao

hard at work

their press book!

i absolutely love the church capsule was held in. i’ve been in here a few times for cut & paste competitions and some other events, the ambiance of the gothic church always runs chills down my spine…


sometimes i miss doing sales... but this is the calm before the storm

did i mention i was wearing my new vans x hellz shoes? the weather was finally warm enough to wear these out!

after we finished setting up, we walked around and shopped a bit… more lawn than me, but i DID end up buying a sweater from pixie market lmao – lawn got the same one – HAD TO! i’ll post later =P

oh, and then we ran into rob…

then we met up with vern and did some more shopping (kinda… just lawn… again lmao) and then decided to go to caracas for some areeeepppaaassss

i ended up parting ways with the ladies to meet up with some more talented, driven women for a new project we’re working on.. let’s just say, more food, more drinks, more planning on world domination… post to come!

i’m sick. i’m tired.

Posted in Random, Twilight by yoshi on November 19, 2009

and there really aren’t enough hours in the day for me to post photos and blurbs of my recent trip back home…

the man just left for SF (last minute skate thing) this morning so that means i have all this weekend to myself and my laptop and lots of photo uploading as well as new moon recapping for the reelz channel – GAH!

anyway, i watched new moon last night – an early screening thanks to my homie nat. i’ll just say this: SITTING CLOSE TO A MOVIE SCREEN MAKES ME FEEL NAUSEOUS.

other than that, i was able to chat with some fans and see some old friends from twicon (when i was a correspondent lol).

sorry if this post sounds pretty boring and lame… i’m drugged up on dayquil, i know i know, supposed to be non-drowser, but FUCK THAT, i feel like i’m floating through clouds right now and my arms and fingers are all noodly – you know that feeling?!

ok, i really should stop typing before i sound like a real spaz.

updates soon – i promise!

oh! if you’re in NY tonight, i’ll be hosting a WTForks party with some friends – come through and act silly, i’ll be video taping you:

…adventures of being a wuss

Posted in Events, Twilight by yoshi on October 23, 2009

and going to a haunted house with a bunch of girls and one guy.

Picture 4

…on being a TWIhard

Posted in Twilight by yoshi on October 22, 2009

and a ReelzChannel Twilight “correspondent

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "reelz", posted with vodpod

WTForks: you know you want one…

Posted in Random, Twilight by yoshi on October 3, 2009

we have three awesomely awesome items right now (but that will continue to grow)

a portion of every purchase goes toward the UNICEF’s aid relief for the victims of the Philippine Typhoon Ondoy.

click image:

Picture 1

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