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Uniqlo – The Flagship Store Opening…

Posted in Events by yoshi on October 8, 2011

Woohoo! Just received my invite to attend the store opening next week! Can’t wait! Check out their invitations, so thoughtful!

Oh yea, apparently my face is on some posters in the city… my friend Nat found one on his way to a meeting and let me know where to find it hahaha! So, if you find another one, let me know! LOL

danke amy&pink!

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on May 23, 2011

for a while now, a german site called amy&pink has been linking back to my blog in their section called “lost in blogs.” i don’t know who you are or how you found me, but thanks for the love! i see jayne is on there as well – wheeee! holler!

check out amy&pink, they cover everything from fashion/life/sex/culture/art/photography – they’re pretty bad-ass and #NSFW =P

on blogging for a living…

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on May 22, 2011

one of the first questions i get asked by my readers (hehehe, sounds so funny, i actually have readers – i mean, like, outside of my “friends circle”), is – “how come you don’t blog professionally?”

trust me, i’ve entertained this idea numerous times over the past, what, 6 years?

although a few of my friends blog for a living, i don’t think its quite the lifestyle or career path for me. blogging is a hobby of mine. its a way to keep me connected with my friends and family as well as a means to hopefully inspire people to “get up, get out, and get something.”

if blogging became my profession, i wouldn’t have any outlet to look forward to. blogging would then become a job, and that’s just no fun.

actually, now that i’m writing and thinking about this, i could just as easily quit my job and focus on this blog and find ways to get sponsored and get funding to make a living as a “digital journalist,” hell, it would probably get me outdoors more!

BUT, i love living a “double life.” i love being a producer. i love the challenge. and i love being a part of something larger than just being labeled as a “blogger,” “influencer,” or dare i say it: “tastemaker.” (bleh!) but most of all, who am i kidding, i love the financial perks of doing what i do and working where i work =P

nowadays, i do find it harder and harder to be introduced as a legitimate blogger. i feel as if this culture has been overly exposed, leaving a sour taste in this “industry,” making it difficult to be taken seriously as opposed to saying, “hi, i’m a producer.”

be that as it may, i am still passionate about sharing my world with all of you. my opinions, my photos, my belly, my interests – all for your pleasure and for my sanity.

on another note, i love reading the comments some of you leave me and how i may have inspired you in one way or another or being able to bring you the first look at a new product. truth is, each comment i receive inspires ME to work harder and continue to put out quality posts (or random, funny shit lol) for all of you.

with that – thanks for giving me your feedback – i look forward to them! so leave me comments g’damnit!


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