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…consolidating my blogs

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on October 22, 2009

i know i know – i’ve been talking about doing this FOREVER.

my friends are helping me revamp this “blogsite” and i’m hoping to knock out a few things to make it easier for all over you who have been following my multiple blogs for the past few years (and THANK YOU!!!! hehe).

i think, and i need your opinion everyone, i should just start using this blog as my main and slowly rid of my fatlace x yoshi blog. now that i have fatlace x ladylike, there really is no need for me to have fatlace x yoshi. thoughts?!

so then that would leave me with:

  1. main blog.
  2. fashion news, interviews, product reviews, DIY’s, and contest/giveaways (everything “Lady Like”) not having to do with my personal life really – unless its an outfit post under “Get the Look.”
  3. no brainer.

yay just 3! but of course i’ll still contribute with my girls to =)

YOUR INPUT (and be nice, constructive, NOT obtrusive) IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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wheels: South Florida Fixed

Posted in Bicycles, Interview by yoshi on July 28, 2009

thank you justin for the interview!!! check out SOUTH FLORIDA FIXED blog – glad to see the heat ain’t burning them tires!

Picture 5

on being an addict…

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on June 10, 2009

i know i’m crazy…

i’m cutting some out, i swear.

in a few months my life will be easier to follow with just one click of your mouse…

i hope.


its a bloggy blog world

Posted in Blogosphere, Fashion by yoshi on May 30, 2009

last night i linked up with my girls to have a nice jamaican style dinner at neg-ril – OMG… DEEEELISH!

in attendance were (L-R): me, vernie (parisandpascual), misslawn (hellz-bellz), chico (misschico), and wendy (nitrolicious). it was a grand ole’ time with terrific ladies, each with our very own style, opinions, and of course, blogs hahahaha!

and, no, we didn’t meet through blogging lol. i met lawn a LONG time ago before i moved to ny and it just so happened that the friends i met upon nyc arrival were chico and vernie – her friends! then i met wendy along the ways and we all became friends yay! the end.

*most of these photos came from chico hehehehe – too many cameras that night!


outfits outfits!


outfit deets: floral top (topshop), military style blazer (topshop), high rise levi denim, shoes (aldos)

and just for fun, here is misschico’s outfit (you can view her deets on her blog hehe) ain’t she cute?:


more food pics to come!


Negril Village
Nu Caribbean Cuisine
70 W 3rd St.
New York, NY 10011
Bet. Thompson & Lagaurdia

oh yea!!! meet yoko, vernie’s baby =)


hehe photo from wendy:


we were separated at birth.

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on May 11, 2009

i swear to it.

Picture 1 copy

*my only edit was replacing the 2nd line with “the skids of a bike tire,” other than that – pretty on fucking point.

…on shit i’m diggin this week

Posted in Fashion, on shit i'm diggin, Outfit, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on May 11, 2009

banh mi… yum (scanwiches)


DIY studded short pocket gettup thing (dirtyflaws)

4SHORTS-1 copy

biker chick (chicks on bikes)


kirkwoods… so simple and attractive (jak & jil)

tuxedokirkwoods copy

love the looks (satorialist)


elizabeth and james – sexy. (dirty flaws)

eandj-2 copy

my new sephora kat von d lipstick “homegirl” – CHOLA!

bb28 copy

…on feeding and reading: google reader vs netvibes

Posted in Blogosphere, Food for Thought by yoshi on April 21, 2009

ok so being an avid blogger i pretty much get the WTF response when i tell them i don’t use rss feeds or readers or whatever they’re called.

call me old fashioned but i like the ability to check out blogs when i feel like checking, not when they are instantly updated. this feeling is much like the way i refuse to facebook and twitter via mobile.

i suppose its because i still want to remain in touch with “reality.”

i’m in front of the computer more than half of the day so i feel that its really healthy to step away from the e-world, plus i’d rather keep SOME anonymity right???

however, i DO see many of the perks of participating and signing up for google reader or netvibes. since i contribute and write about upcoming products/events/interviews etc for a few of my other blogs, its essential that i stay on top of my game, and i can’t always count on pr or random emails telling me “hey, check this out happening next week!”

i think i’ll give it a shot.

either with google reader or netvibes.

at first glance google reader is totally simplified. you can create folders and just subscribe on the spot to various blogs you follow.

netvibes provides different widgets you can customize. so you can have your gmail, facebook, twitter, blog1, blog2, entertainment, lifestyle shit right on one screen. pretty cool. (i think i’m just attracted to the design of it).

we’ll see how long it takes me to give up. (i signed up today for both to test, i only lasted 15 min.)

what do you guys think?

google reader:




…OJ update!

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 9, 2009

thanks to mike (in response to my previous post), we are now going to enjoy our tropicana oj quench in the morning again!!! WOOT WOOT!

check out the article below – muwahhaha!

in yo’ face pepsico!


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