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…on thinking you have bronchitis

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 25, 2009

i’ve been suffering from a severe cough and sore throat the past few days. its all totally my fault because my ass has been riding around in all kinds of cold weather AND sweating profusely under layers and layers (yes, damnit, i DO sweat… but i DONT smell).

my cough sounds like i have phlegm wanting to puke out of my lungs. my throat burns like i just swallowed spicy kimchee. everytime i cough it feels like my brain just expanded 5x’s its size so that it hits the skull surrounding it. i try to blow my nose to rid of the clogged ear feeling i have right now, and get nothing but a foggy murmur.

do i have bronchitis? i dont think so. i dont want to go to the doctor’s because my medical insurance is switching soon and i can’t get an appointment fast enough before the change.

just trying to heal naturally. no drugs. i’m a lightweight – drugs fuck me up. even tylenol.

i think a hot toddy will do the trick.

done and done.

i’m getting wasted tonight.

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