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Vans DQM Party with Suicidal Tendencies @ House of Vans

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on September 17, 2011

Last night Vans yet again threw an amazing party at the House of Vans to celebrate their new store with DQM – The General Store.

So many people came out to enjoy free drinks thanks to Vita Coco and the Brooklyn Brewery, free food by Korilla BBQ (yes, we all know they cheated womp womp woommmp) and the Meatball Shop (nom nom nom).

Louise and Deana rolled with me  and we held our ground once Suicidal Tendencies took the stage and the mosh pit began – lmaoooo! So fun! “Elbows out!”

**By the way, I’m LOVING my new Canon Powershot S95 – all these shots were taken WITHOUT flash!!!**

Hanna and Lou

the "Groupies" lmaoooo ❤ these girls! xoxo

Deana, Friend, Louise



DC OG's: Igei and Rodent

Luh you Mel


(more photos HERE from VANS)

my first real experience at Coney Island…

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on July 2, 2011

The last time we went to coney Island, we were blocked by the damn Mermaid Parade. This time, however, I was determined to play some games and ride some rides.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of rides, but the bf wouldn’t let me leave without riding the Cyclone. Before mustering up the nerves to ride that, I made him go on a kiddie ride with me called the Tickler lmaoooo. Man, that was pretty scare too!

Finally made our way through to the Cyclone and I literally went into meditation mode. My palms got all sweaty, but I was excited to cross something off my bucketlist. We hopped on and the first drop was the highest of course, and DAMN, I remembered why I hated rides – I’m too fucking small to have the guard railing thing secure me in tight, I had AT LEAST a 4 inch gap between me and that thing. So yea, I felt like I was going to fly right off the seat =X

Anyway, we also bumped into my good friend Aly!!! ❤ Didn’t even know he was in town!

After the rides we played games, won a few things, ate at Nathan’s, and took at nap on the beach… I had a BUH-LAST! Can’t wait to go again, enjoy the pics!

because i’m fat: purple yam goodness and riding laps…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Bicycles by yoshi on May 1, 2011

after putting together a bunch of furniture from ikea the past 2 days, it was time to treat my tummy to some good ole’ filipino fusion food at purple yam. so the bf and i hopped on our bikes and went for the short ride. i recently got over my fear of riding with no hands and i rode about four blocks or so comfortably! teeehehehe! now i can’t seem to NOT ride without hands – so easy on the back! lol.

yea yea yea....

anyway, back to purple yam…

i can’t get enough of their beef tapa (must know their recipe!) so i ordered the beef tapa salad, the bf ordered their yummy chicken adobo, along with baby cucumber kim chee. and because i just couldn’t resisit, i ended up ordering TWO desserts (because i couldn’t pick just one). we got the strawberry rhubarb topped with vanilla ice cream and banana crepe with some homemade ice cream – i forgot the flavor but it is DELISH!

moped update!

Posted in Mopeds by yoshi on February 28, 2011

i love this photo…

moped update! i had bradley over at orphange mopeds hook my bike up with a few new things: i got it lowered, put a new kit on it to keep up with cars now, got some new pedals, new wheels, new handlebars, new muffler and a new kick stand. now if only i can make it more environmentally sound…

its been several months, but owning a moped is proving to be quite a handful – especially an unregistered moped. i have a lot of things to take care of before i can really ride this thing around safely and legally. so please bear with me =)

here’s a pic bradley sent me of my newly lowered bike:

because i’m fat: MangoSeed round 2…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on February 11, 2011

a few days ago i received an email from MangoSeed thanking me for the recent post i did about their restaurant and food. tiasia, as it turns out, is their PR guru and invited my bf and i to join them for dinner to talk about some future collaborations.

you don’t have to ask me twice!

the owners were fabulous and as always, the bartender was not only beautiful, but very helpful. we ordered the jerk fish (red snapper) and i drank their mango colada (OMG – you MUST have this drink!)

isn’t tiasia a cutie?! thanks again to the staff of MangoSeed and to you too! looking forward to working with you in the future =)


because i’m fat: chilly bike ride and purple yam round 2…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on January 24, 2011

last last weekend the bf and i hopped on our bikes to grab some brunch over at purple yam. the bf had never been so i thought it would be a nice treat for the both of us =)

we rode through some very beautiful streets just south of our apartment, through ditmas park area where HUGE pre-war, victorian mansions reside. needless to say, it took my breath away (along with the chilly air).

we got to purple yam and wasted no time ordering. he got the tasilog (sweet pork) and i got the tapsilog (beef sweet tapa) – highly recommend both OMG! for dessert we got a banana crepe, the crepe itself was a familiar filipino taste, just couldn’t put my finger on it – but the ice cream was almond coconut i think? droooooollll

creating my own TWIG TERRARIUM!

Posted in Product Review by yoshi on January 24, 2011

for the past few months i’ve been itching to get myself a twig terrarium after my girl hana was able to create her own. finally, i was able to catch up with the owners, katy and michelle, and was invited to visit their studio to create my own. of course i was totally obsessed and decided to make another one AND even bought two more! lmaooooo!

let’s start with the definition of a terrarium. in short, a terrarium is an enclosed replica of a natural environment, so soil, rocks, greenery, or even sand should be present. with twig terrarium, they prefer to use a variety of moss, pebbels, soil, and to top it off, accent each mini environment with a little figurine (my fav part lol).

i decided to start my twig terrarium-ing with a starter kit (big opening). here are your essential materials, that i will detail below:

step 1: choose your environment, as i mentioned, i went with a jar that had a large opening, big enough to stick my hand in. katy and michelle let me know that many, if not all, of their glassware is made of recycled material.

step 2: grab a few stones and pebbles as your first layer, this is necessary for your terrarium to “breath” and allow filtration.

step 3: dip some of the earthy stuff (a mix of dirt, soil, moss) into some water and squeeze it out like a sponge. this helps keeps your terrarium moist. layer it on and pad it down on top of the rocks like you’re trying to flatten some dough.

step 4: on top of the moist earthy stuff, you’ll need to lay down some dry soil to set the grounds for your new mini forest =)

step 5: now you’re ready to put some greenery and scenery to your terrarium. they gave me two different kinds of moss to play with and you can literally tear and take them apart to your liking, add a few more pebbles to give more landscape!

step 6: add your miniature figurine! i chose this lady who had a camera around her neck. we glued a pin to her foot and poked the earth before setting her in et voila!

i also ended up making a larger terrarium and used a prisoner as my figure hahahahhaa – so fun!

katy and michelle were a HOOT – we were rocking out to some metal, 80’s/90’s tunes, even broadway bahahaha! i couldn’t help but browse around at their other terrariums (PS. in the time it took me to make these two, both of them made 3-4… EACH).

sidenote: they told me that we’ll be able to see their terrariums in the upcoming BREAKING DAWN film (alice’s bedroom) GAH!

i ended up purchasing two more already made terrariums, one for $30 the other for $45 (very affordable if i do say so myself!).

love that this one is in a vintage bayer bottle! this was $30

and this one i loved because of the hand painted sign hehehehehe – i bought this for $45

their prices range from $25 – $125 and up depending on the level of the terrarium. i’m definitely planning on purchasing a lot more for my apt and office hehehehehe!



because i’m fat: PURPLE YAM

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on January 11, 2011

my good friend and former co-worker, emma and her baby egon, paid a visit to our new place this past weekend! we live closer to each other now so i’m uber excited to be spending more time with her, especially since we no longer work together.

we got hungry and decided to walk over to our fav purple yam on our way back to her place (she too moved to a new apartment, but only a few blocks from her old one hehe).

we share a TON in common so its no wonder we both ordered the exact same thing: chicken adobo and chai tea lattes =)

VERY yummy, they put coconut milk in their soup… i think i’ll try that the next time i cook adobo heheheehe

so if you’re ever around prospect park, park slope, kensington areas – you should definitely give it a try!

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