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CREEP: You – featuring NiNa Sky

Posted in Music by yoshi on May 18, 2011

erin posted this up on their mademe blog and i have to say, the art direction and cinematography are enchanting. shot in black and white, the video somehow extends further than color – the song itself is powerful with CREEP’s musical composition. have a look!

bravo nicole and nat, and well done to all the production team!

CREEP: You [ft. Nina Sky] from Thalia Mavros on Vimeo.

Director: Thalia Mavros
Cinematographer/Editor: Danilo Parra
Associate Producer: Danny Scales
Visual FX: Giuseppe Furcolo
Make-up: Alejandro Calvani
PAs: Eric Frankel, Elise Carlson
Special thanks: Ashley McGee & 184 Kent

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