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…OJ update!

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 9, 2009

thanks to mike (in response to my previous post), we are now going to enjoy our tropicana oj quench in the morning again!!! WOOT WOOT!

check out the article below – muwahhaha!

in yo’ face pepsico!



hmmm… who was at topshop today?

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on April 1, 2009

as many of you have already heard, topshop is to open their first stateside door in nyc and fortunately enough for me, it just so happens to be down the street from my office AND right next door to my bank.

so i’m on my way to deposit my bday money when i run into a group of bystanders and paparazzi waiting outside topshop.


i ran into the bank and just deposted via atm and ran back out to take the photos in hopes of catching a glimpse.

i was on my lunch break.

i was getting hungry.

impatience and a gnawing stomach pain won me over, so if anyone knows who was at the special event. holler.



*EDITOR’S NOTE: i just got word that it was kate moss. nice. AND my girl wendy just provided us with a sneak peek of the “shop” – more like a department store! CLICK HERE

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insight goodies

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on March 30, 2009

thank you to my girl v for always hooking it up FAT with some goods. now i’m not going to rub it in your face that i get shit for free. hell no! i’ve worked damn hard and i deserve a break… or two!

i DO however, want to share with you my treats.

ladies, are you listening?

insight is a brand unlike many other “streetwear” brands. its one of those lady brands that really doesn’t sit alongside any “genre,” so to call it a streetwear brand is far from the truth, much like saying 10Deep of Ice Cream is a skateboard brand.

in my opinion, insight is much like how nikita clothing is branded: for that woman who is STRONG, who is FEMININE, who is BOYISHLY BOLD, who is NOT AFRAID TO FART IN PUBLIC BUT STILL REMAIN AS DAINTY AS A TULIP.

YES, insight represents those of us who are all of these…

this brand has been around a long time and their clothing and swimwear speaks for themselves, here’s a peek at what i received, the rest you can continue on to itsDesignRelated where i posted the rest of the photos.


arite… i’m gonna need 2 things here:

  1. hard solid abs must be created from what is currently a soft roll of mush
  2. bikini. wax.



OUTFIT: springtime stroll

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on March 25, 2009

i’ve been feeling a bit under the weather these past few days and as i worked from home monday, i was sitting with my laptop thinking how else i could possibly feed my boredom other than blog hopping.

i started messing around with polyvore (its been way too long since i’ve fucked with this site since i never have the time to sift through all the items they have available) and decided to come up with an outfit i could see myself wearing on a nice spring day walking around the city (IF i wanted to wear heels… so let’s pretend i had my own car here in ny… better yet, my own personal chauffeur)

this is probably something i could see myself wearing… bringing out some pastels while still throwing in my favorite non color of black. also, i don’t know why, but i really love lacy ruffle stuff. reminds me of shakespeare steeze classic and romantic, so i guess i chose that sweater to soften up my already hard appearance:


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looks i’m diggin…

Posted in Fashion, on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on March 21, 2009

again, totally frustrated at the fact that many of these shots explore the “i’m fkn hot because i’m wearing hot fkn shoes” syndrome, one that i STILL am hesitant to participate in. (click here for the “‘tha hell you talkin ’bout?!”)

i’ll shut up now and let you take a gander of what’s making me drool for the moment:




alexa chung… (she’s currently one of my obsessions) – yo,can we just talk about these LV shoes for hot minute???


not really feelin these… but hey, if you can rock it out – MEOW!


*images via garance dore, jak & jill, nikki, swank heights, et more

INSIGHT Spring 2009

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on March 20, 2009

INSIGHT has always been one of my favorite “street” brands for ladies. (no, I don’t mean street as in streetwear). INSIGHT has always provided a rough feminine edge for that strong bad-ass chick. like me! HAHAHHAHAHAH – maybe.

here are a few of my favorite pieces (the spring line is HUGE!):




What do you think?


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…on wearing platforms

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on March 13, 2009

ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH!


it is one of the daily challenges i face when choosing an outfit to wear in the morning. i love love love hidden platform heels because they just look AMAZING and SEXY on! what has brought on this frustration??? damn fashion blogs that i’m addicted to that’s why!

living in NY with no car and main mode of transportation being a train (lord knows i’ll never cab it anywhere), its a rarity that i get to flaunt my stuff in a pair of sexy shoes.

don’t get me wrong, i DO own a few girly shoes!

now i used to work at a hedgefund where dressing like a pin-up secretary was second nature and wearing heels was a must (always running to walgreens to get more padding for the balls of my feet). however, up until recent, i’ve found it extremely difficult to talk myself into stepping into my new pair of steve madden clubbin shoes with the gold studs on the back (pictured below). although these tantalizing shoes are UBERLY cute my main fears of wearing them are (dum ta da daaaa! another list!):

  1. spraining my ankle
  2. walking too slow in fear of spraining my ankle
  3. having to watch every step to make sure i don’t step on a crack or cobblestone (and then sprain my ankle)
  4. having the balls of my feet start to ache and then i won’t be able to walk my ass to the train station

ok, i know there are several remedies to this, including bringing a change of shoes. but yo, do you THINK i wanna look all cute in my fit with some sneakers on??? yea, ok SOMETIMES that will fly, but not when you work in soho. i can’t even walk a BLOCK without spotting some booties!!!

these are my steve madden babies, i NEED to wear these more:


some examples taken from some of my fav girly chickey blogs:

damn her and her balenciaga booties (sea of shoes) –


damn her and her sam edelman boots (fashiontoast) –


damn her and her chloe boots (lulu and your mom) –


now of COURSE i don’t mean “damn” them in the literal sense!
….i’m just a hater.
……..and broke.

in other news…

Posted in Random by yoshi on March 13, 2009

i think i’ll start to put borders around my images. what do you think? also, how do you feel about the size of my photos? too big?

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