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“Until The Violence Stops” by The DEBS NYC and Yoshi RECAP!

Posted in Events by yoshi on June 19, 2011

Almost 2 weeks ago (sorry I’ve been so busy =x), Susana and I pulled together an amazing event that brought together our friends as well as new friends to support the efforts of V-Day – the global movement to end violence against women and girls. We were also blessed by the attendance of a few members from Girls Write Now.

Hot Blondie Bakery provided desserts and we grubbed on skewers, crab rolls, and more from Mamajuana!

As our friends arrived, our guest speakers Kerin, Hyun, Ruby  and Julie were there to help greet and prep for their speeches. Suz was there to capture everything on film =) Thanks Suz!!!

We so very very VERY happy and thankful for everyone who showed up to support a great cause. Can’t wait til the next one!

*Waiting for the video recap to give you all a better sense of the evening’s festivities*

Thanks to the following sponsors who provided gifts for our goodie bags and giveaways:

Marie Belle
Rare Salon
Woodley & Bunny
Busog Means Full
SPECIAL THANKS to Reflections Yoga Studio for donating their beautiful space!
*Thanks Catzie and Louise for sharing your photos!

EVENT: Until The Violence Stops…

Posted in Events by yoshi on June 5, 2011

you know… with all my yapping away i do on this blog, i’ve realized the strength and power of one’s voice.

i can talk all day about fashion, what i did over the weekend, what i ate today, who i’m crushing on, what i’m doing at work, but this time around, i’ve decided to use my voice to help spread social awareness for a great cause.

susana of the debs nyc, approached me a few weeks ago to help co-produce and co-host an event in support of V-Day and gaining a partnership with Vagina Monologues founder, Eve Ensler. the event we were to plan included a screening of “Until The Violence Stops,” a film by Abby Epstein.

by teaming up with the debs, we knew we didn’t want to limit our reach just towards activists already participating (although we love them!), but we wanted to reach out towards our peers and friends. our goal then became to open the eyes of the people we work with, party with, brunch with, to shed light on issues that could effect the people we know and love all over the world.

with that said, here’s a flyer for the event, i hope some of you can make it and i would definitely LOVE to meet you if you did =)

*all proceeds go to Girls Write Now

a very special evening with Kerin Rose…

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Events, Fashion, Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 5, 2011

my good friend kerin invited her closest friends, family and supporters to partake in a special event to celebrate, what else, HER!

there was lots of glitter, lots of confetti, and lots of sweets!

hors d’oeuvres were provided by “hip hop chef” chef roble and i’m not sure who supplied the sweets, but she was very cute!

oh yea, Bravo TV was there taping stuff too… that’s a different story lol.

when i got there, the line wasn’t too crazy, but i looked for the first person i knew and that was vashtie hahaha! i squeezed up with her and met her two lovely, hot, mestiso twin friends: erik and karl. we all hit it of straight off the bat and now i know why vashtie loves them so!

**UPDATE: for more photos, visit VASHTIE’s blog**

we also met kerin’s cousin matt who drew this amazing illustration of her…

and a few more friends:

i see you phil

once inside (well, after some of us got “stuck” in the elevator and walked up the stairs – quite scary), there was just a lot going on that i forgot to take photos! well, kinda, i managed to snap a few with my iphone, but i’m going to wait for vashtie’s post so i can link you guys over to her hahahaa!

kerin looked FAB-U-LOUS in her gown!!!! omgahhhh – need to find a full pic lol

stole this from lindsay hehe (to the right)

the ladies: michelle, samira, and radiorose!

i just wanted to point out, that estelle was to our left, she's good friends with vash and the boys lol


on to the sweets…

i think its safe to say we all left with a sugar high hahahaha!


lookin fly and bedazzling since before 2006…

Havaianas Soul Collection @ Reed Space NYC recap!

Posted in Events by yoshi on April 23, 2011

the other day, i passed by the reed space to check out the havaianas soul collection “all brazil everything” event sponsored by complex.

jay jung was dj’ing, drinks were plenty (well, almost until everything was gone lol), and people were dancing the night away.

i ran into lots of friends, including christine su, nico, jeff and the rest of the staple/reedspace crew.

dorothy hong’s photos of brazil covered the walls and jeff’s own film was shown on the screen. the havaianas soul collection, unisex, was surprisingly well put together and proper for the upcoming spring/summer season coming. i even got to get my own free pair of slippers! i got to choose my colors and obviously went for orange and black =)

enjoy the photos!


Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on September 28, 2010

i completely forgot to post these images up! oops my bad (its been a hectic few months). anywho, igei and i passed by the nixon art and music event over in chelsea.

on our way in we bumped into jack and marilyn and some other friends <3!!!

i also ran into jules!


my girl ivy and my homie jah-jah (i missed their NINJASONIK performance – waaaah! next time)

kaori and andlew

igei, moi, and andlew (sponsored by nixon too)


hana and apes BAHHAHAHAHA! surprise!!!

nixon japan rep and osan!

china is drunk.

ran into jah-jah while walking to the train station… love him, so you should to =)

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Hellz-Bellz x G-Shock Release Party NYC Recap!

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia, Outfit by yoshi on September 24, 2010

ok. i’m gonna make this short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves. as you know, whenever lawn AND bam (and jino and angie for that matter) are in town, i stop being a hermit and start going out past my bedtime hahahhahahaha, and yea, maybe have a drink or five.

the bf and i met up with ms. hana after work and cabbed it to the westside over to 1 oak for the partay. elle was spinning (yay elle, i heart her, one of the first people i met through my cuzzo after i moved) and lawn was busy talking business. it was open bar at the time so we loaded on up!

angie sporting her hellz x g-shock!

hmmm there were SO many people there! i love hellz events because its one party where i can see literally ALL my old friends (ok most lol) plus new friends like sarah, ness, will and more!

lawn handling bizness with one of the heads of g-shock on the right

uhm – don’t you LOVE lawn’s new hair???? i do, i’m jealous lol.

as the night went on, more and more of the girls came through, including vern, wendy, chico, and apes


wendy, me, louise

cheeks and hana

and my ladylike girls: louie and sandy.

me, louie, deana, shit i forgot your name too fack, and sandy

the dirty debs were in full effect and a bunch of other friends

susana of dirty debs

even got to see cutie patootie erin of spikes and sequins =)

erin and her girl (sorry i forgot your name!)

ness of rawinthemix!!! ❤ herrrr"

the lovely sarah and her friend hailey

awww christine!!!

yes, there were boys - here

hawaii mike!

kim and benhundreds!

the always stylish radiorose and her friend

I HEART YOU KERIN!!! (and by this time, my face is as red as her hair...

my girl ELLE!

kerin and angie worked on getting a red velvet cake for lawn’s almost b-day… hehehehehe

and then we all went to boho for some karaoke… i can’t give you the details because that part of the night was a blurrrrrrrr – but it looks like we had a lot of fun!!! lmao

cano was FEEEEEELIN it

hyun... oh man - we WILL go to k-town for more karaoke

pony. ginuwine. nuff said.


more pics on hana’s blog!

and on wendy’s blog!!!!

oh and peep this – BAHAHHAHAHAHAH thanks antwan! i think you’re swell too!:

oh duh, and this is what i wore:

outfit deets: top/corset hellz (and its mesh in the back! sexaaay) | pants hellz | booties h&m

K-Swiss: Big Shot US Open Viewing

Posted in Events by yoshi on September 13, 2010

I spent part of my Saturday hanging out with the beautiful ladies of K-Swiss and Turner PR at Saint Giles Hotel for the K-Swiss US Open Viewing party. I got to spend some time with Laurel before she flew back to LA (waaah!), Jill (TPR), Trudy, and of course Sarah (TPR).

L-R: Jill, Sarah, Turd, moi

Laurel and helloooo Preston!

The hors d’ouvres (sp?) scrumptious and the atmosphere was very chill, something I can definitely handle lol.

A few minutes go by and a handsome man walks into the room. We make eye contact, but I turn away when I hear Laurel say “OMG, its Robin Thicke” – GASP! It was?! No wonder lmaoooooo.

that's robin in the white v-neck on the right... bahahha

All in all, I barely watched the US Open because I was too busy stuffing my face with food, but I did manage to take a few photos of the K-Swiss footwear showcasing in the middle of the room. The patio area in the back was quaint and I bumped into a few faces I hadn’t seen in a while!

Rashad and Oliver!

mr. himself!

love laurel's ring

Thank you TPR and K-Swiss for a lovely day =)

*photos taken with iphone4

FIRE and M.I.S.S. present Hearts & Minds this FRIDAY!

Posted in Events by yoshi on July 22, 2010
this friday in NYC, my homegirl krish aka ROCKY RIVERA is performing for an awesome event supporting Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FIRE) at the hudson terrace this FRIDAY!!!
along with the event, krish and DJ Roza have made a mixtape free for download – check it!
for more info on rocky rivera visit:
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