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drum lessons and brunch in williamsburg…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Music by yoshi on September 25, 2011

Woohoo! After all the stress I’ve had to put up with with losing my iPhone (actually, more like someone STEALING it from my desk at work), I was happy and excited to attend my first drumming session at BANG! The Drum School in Williamsburg and let loose – yea, I know you’ve all seen their ads plaster around Bedford Ave!

When it comes to playing the drums, I’m oooookay for having learned on my own, but I thought it was about time to take lessons and learn how to read music sheets and know the fundamentals of percussion.

Because I took piano for almost 13 years, reading music was just peachy, a bit different obviously, but not too bad! My instructor, Phil, was awesome, he said we could skip ahead to the harder stuff since I was able to catch on quickly – yayyyyy!!! I learned some rock beats and one fill lol.

Looking forward to my next lesson, gotta put in the practice so I don’t lose what I just learned! I bought a little practice pad and some sticks… if I get better, maybe I’ll invest in an electric set, or I’ll just jam out in the music room at work =D

I left my bike with Omar and Louise, so after class, we all went to have brunch at Colette – STARVIN MARVIN! We sat in their newly extended garden area and devoured fish tacos, season fries with a side of aioli, and I had their baked french toast topped with plums – OMGAAAHHHH YUM! Oh also ordered a bloody mary for myself… which Louise helped me finish =X

Day 8: What you ate today…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge, Because I'm Fat by yoshi on May 30, 2011

luckily today’s question from the 30 day blog challenge is an easy one and won’t make me look as bad as yesterday’s food consumption (everyone, including myself, was in disbelief!).

today, i had…

in the morning, fried up some mochi, topped with a little (i’m lying, a LOT) of sugar, and a bit of soy sauce. a japanese morning treat taught to me by john’s mom. =)

then i hopped on my bike to the train station to meet up with igei, ate a beef patty before the long train + bike ride. once we crossed over the bridge we stopped over at maria’s food truck (they have the best shakes!) and i just got a hot dog…

we got to the beach and met up with all our friends, laid out for a few hours, dipped in the water, then decided it was finally time for fish tacos from rockaway taco. the line was so long that marilu and i went around the corner to grab some pina colada’s to go from connelly’s came back, and still waited a few more minutes.

when we finally got our fish tacos, the staff gave us some chips and guac on the house since they recognized our friends (joey and mehring) from some skate vid – woot woot!

*photos taken with iPhone4 + instagram

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