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outfit post: sailor stripes and new ink…

Posted in Outfit, Tattoos by yoshi on February 22, 2011

outfit deets: zara pants | forever21 top (from about 6 yrs ago lol) | jessica simpson dany platforms

finally started getting my back done up again. after starting it in 2004, i was never able to get back to SF to see my guy to finish it, so i’ve opted to have my friend nando of infinity tattoo complete the project for me. the last time i saw nando was summer, since then, i’ve been so busy and strapped for cash that i haven’t had the time to see him! but now that my office is closer to the shop, i can stop by after work now =) he put a fan around what was originally 2 separate pieces. he joined the upper fan part with the lower koi fish – just the outline for now, so i can’t wait to see how it will end up!!! i’ve also decided that since i basically have more than half my back adorned in ink, i might as well get my entire back done up from shoulders to lower back. will definitely take much time and lots of meditation, but i’m determined. i’ve been looking at a ton of art work on women and their yakuza inspired tats, they’re so beautiful! if you find any more photos – please send to me! need more inspiration =)


yesterday i fell in LOVE…

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on June 8, 2010

…with a bike.

a vintage 47cm Atala frame running on 700’s.

her owner’s name was brittlee.

we were the same height.

i stood over her atala and instantly knew i had to have one.

alas, i probably will never ever find a 47cm vintage track frame like that ever, so for now, i will love that bike from afar until brittlee tires of her (which i highly doubt will ever happen).

if anyone has any leads on this frame PLEASE LET ME KNOW! or ANY 47cm track frame!!!

…on being a hater

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on June 18, 2009


putting on earphones… searching for metallica


i will be THE first to admit that i’m the ultimate hater. i drink my haterade with ice thanks.

now don’t get me wrong, i’m probably the nicest most open-armed person you’ll meet in ny, but that’s because i’m genuinely a WELCOMING person.

but look at me sideways… now we have a problem.

i think i have anger issues. i tell my bf that all the time. i also think i’m 25% dyslexic, but i’ll save that for later.

actually, i KNOW i have anger issues – but again, that’s a different story.

back to being a hater-

now, i’m not sure if i’m a hater because all the women in my family are haters, or if it is just something that i acquired growing up.

::JT’s bringing sexy back now plays::

growing up as a filipina i’ve heard it ALL – like many other cultures, i’m sure – we don’t sugar coat SHIT. if you’re getting fat we say, “DAMN, you’re getting fat! What happened? Are you eating too much lechon??” if you’re dating a loser, we say “You can do better, you’re ex was WAY better than THAT. look, he’s too short and/or he’s too dark.” if you’re going through adolescence and have pimples all over your face, “hoy! do you not wash your face? you’re going to have a crater face soon – look at your uncle.”

but you see… as harsh as some of it sounds (i could have given better examples, but its the end of the day at work so deal with it), we’re just being honest!

also, looking back, i grew up with pretty obnoxious and prissy ass girls in school. all i wanted was to fit in. yes, i was a geek with an odd sense of fashion. YES, i had glasses, braces AND a neck-brace to pull back my (more…)

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…on never leaving a girl hungry

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 22, 2009


do what you must.

stuff a piece of gum in her mouth.

give her a sip soda.

tell her that you will be eating soon.

tell her that you will be buying the food… soon.

give her chips.

give her fucking dry noodle bits from the cup o noodles cup for goodness sake!

DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN ASK: “what do you want to eat?

because SHE WILL REPLY: “i don’t fucking know!!!! if i knew i wouldn’t be all hungry right now and would have gotten the food already!” and then will continue to scowl and bitch until she is fed.

…..i am starving.

like, right now.

i came home and the bf was chillin at the computer.

no food on the table.

not even a “hey, i’ll get food soon” or “you wanna eat?”


….he is now riding his bike.

in the rain.

to get mc donald’s.


that shit better be warm.

… on “my kind of girls”

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 23, 2009



check out my girls on the right! i think that’s posy and that’s definitely juliet on the charge frame =)

Photos via Chicks and Bikes

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