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Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 11, 2009

for once, i’ve been utterly useless these past few days. i’ve been so lazy that i really having nothing of interest to write about (well, with the exception of my post on fatlace about my latest obsession: taking the stage hehehe).

i’m just gonna type whatever comes to mind after i hit the space bar…

i watched 3 random movies via the laptop:

  1. shopaholic – which i didn’t finish because the audio was just terrible
  2. dragonballz: evolution – this one i actually liked and will pay to see in the theatre… maybe.
  3. race to witch mountain – why? WHY NOT?! it was ehhhhhh

i wanted to go to the gym today to go to my hip hop class, but it was wet outside and i was way too comfy in my workout clothes while chillaxin in bed. so i ended up watching a few more movies:

  1. a league of their own – this movie NEVER fails to make me cry. same spot all the time – after the peaches lose and kit and her sis (forgot her name) are saying their goodbyes. WAAAAH – so sad!
  2. raising grace – i didn’t finish this because i went grocery shopping

all in all, my day was pretty uneventful and not really that productive. although i’m happy to report that the tropicana cartons are now back to their original design! yay!

uhm…. its easter tomorrow so i’m dragging the bf with me to go to church, poor guy. i wonder if i’ll dress in my sunday’s best… we’ll see how early i get up.

oh! i DID manage to do some workouts while watching a league of their own! i also managed to squeeze in some hip hop moves as my ipod blasted “seniorita” by JT down the can goods aisle.

ok, i think i’m done and will now attempt to watch the fast and the furious… unless there’s something else better on tv.

good night!

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