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outfit post: skirt, van halen, and a cat…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on April 3, 2011

h&m finally has some decent spring items this year. i absolutely love when they use peaches and creams…

h&m usually has the best peach palettes, i remember i bought this amazing dress in barcelona about 9 years ago before the franchise came to the states – i wore that sucker out til my back and shoulder fat couldn’t fit anymore! bahahahaha!

when it comes to off-white, cream colored items, they usually produce the best skirts, so this is one that i bought =) best part? POCKETS! love love love when skirts have pockets, i think all my skirts from h&m have pockets in them!

outfit deets: h&m skirt | van halen shirt | jessica simpson dany platforms | leather jacket (too lazy to look at tag right now, but bought 65% off at LF hehe)

my new hair…

outfit post: flower puff girl…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on May 31, 2010

my attempt at “modeling” BAHAHAHHAHA – FAIL.

outfit deets: dress (H&M) | sandals (i forget) | tan (thank you philippine sun!)

…outfit post: on the go

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on September 14, 2009

the bf and i were running out the door and i asked him (i dont know what i was thinking) to take a quick pic for me… note to self, never again.


i didn’t even realize that he was snapping away… so he took about 20 of these random pics… sorry lol.


outfit deets: jacket, gap kids (thanks jayne!!!) | top, h&m | denim leggings, topshop | shoes, deena and ozzy | large coffee, extra light extra sweet

…outfit post: sweater dress

Posted in Fashion, Outfit by yoshi on September 3, 2009

i was feeling extra femme today =) plus i had to do an interview/photoshoot with new york daily news. more on that later lol. but i’m kinda regretting that my hair earlier that day looked less… “plump” – damnit! the following hair happened by accident as i was scratching my head trying to figure out why my tripod was slanted =/


outfit deets: dress – h&m | shoes – h&m

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…on catching mos def’s eye

Posted in Food for Thought, Outfit by yoshi on April 6, 2009

bryan comes up with a picture he just snapped of him and mos def just outside of our office building.
i react.
i ask bryan for a cigarette.
i don’t even smoke.
i run downstairs and jolt open the door.
mos def is looking straight at me… his eyes move downward zooming into my harem pants aka mc hammer pants.
i have a cigarette in hand and no lighter. fuck.
aha! mos def is smoking!
i ask the group of 3 if anyone has a light.
mos gives me his lit cigarette as i turn my back to them to light mine without having them see my shaking hands.
i hand it back to mos and give him a nod in appreciation.
i step back a few paces and lean against the wall.
i feel bad for the girl standing next to me bc my smoke is blowing in her face.
i apologize, she says:

its ok.

i start to take a sip of my tall soy no water chai latte from starbucks.
my hands are so shaky i have to hold it together with my other hand.
exchange a few glances back and forth with mos.
my two co-workers come down and are headed for bubble tea:

jess, you smoke?!

i avoid the question and quickly change the subject so mos wouldn’t hear:

i smoke when i drink coffee, but not often – HEY, where you guys goin?!

they drag me along, but as i begin to walk away, i glance back at mos and he’s already looking:

thanks for the light!

he smiles and says:

no prob.

i turn back and then quickly turn again:

mos def right? [he smiles and nods] good shit.

we walk to get bubble tea.
we head back to the office and mos is still outside with dudes.
i’m too shy to look back up…. he’ll be back, i know it. LMAO


Outfit details:

  • kitty tank – INSIGHT
  • harem pants aka mc hammer pants – H&M
  • cardi – FOREVER21
  • shoes – i forget, but from URBANOUTFITTERS
  • beanie – H&M
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