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INCUBUS Taping for the Late Show!

Posted in Events, Music by yoshi on July 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I won tickets to see Incubus at the Ed Sullivan Theater (ahem Mayka), they were taping for the Late Show and I got to invite 3 friends!

The bf, Sandy, and Louise met me out front and we were greeted with a long line. Not having to wait TOO long, we were all ushered inside and the four of us got front row in the balcony! The theatre was a lot smaller than I expected, I wanna go back to an actual taping of the live show one day =)

Some of you may or may not know, but I was a super duper hardcore fan of Incubus growing up (hehehehe). Their music allowed me to explore outside my hip-hop comfort and get in touch with my “grungier” self in high-school, then helped me get through a lot of BS with a certain ex during my first few years of college =)

Turns out, my iPhone takes better pics than my Ricoh for concerts like this lol… enjoy!



oops – I don’t know how to edit… lmao

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