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dear L train…

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on November 24, 2010

why must you blast your AC on the train all year round? its winter. its 40 degrees out. why should i wear my furry hood and sit in my puffy jacket while i ride to and from work only to leave the station just AS cold as i was when i entered it?

it makes no sense!

and ps. i still hate all the BOYS who don’t give their seats up for women (well to be clear – older ladies, women with kids, kids in general, women with heels on, etc).

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…on L train woes

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on May 14, 2009


you’re gonna sing? on the train???

and no, i’m NOT talking about those street performers asking for money. i’m talkin like normal people on their daily commute to work!

ok ok – i UNDERSTAND if you’re singing along to your jam via your ipod/walkman/or whatever the hell it is you listen to on the train, however, when i heard some gnarly pitchy voice interrupting my “dancing in my head” while listening to pitbull’s calle ocho routine, i turn around and come to find some broad singing… TO HERSELF. no headphones. NADA.

so i decided to press pause on my shuffle JUST in case the girl had a voice… but no. I COULD NOT BE MORE DISAPPOINTED AND DISGUSTED NO LESS!

sounded like the bitch was making up a song and singing it like she was fkn WHITNEY HOUSTON! swear!

i pressed play again and tried to up the volume to drown out her voice – but sadly, my volume was already at its highest! i even tried facing away from her to try to avoid the sonic tunes hitting my ears, but OH NOOOOO – the bitch had to then sing louder once we hit the underground from brooklyn to manhattan.


the nerve.

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