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rode my moped to luella’s 1 year bday partay!

Posted in Friends & Familia, Mopeds by yoshi on May 30, 2011

woohoo! finally hopped on the moped for a quick ride over to the tunney’s to celebrate little luella’s 1 year birthday!

had to adjust a few things though (and sadly, someone stole my puch odometer, but i guess it looks pretty awesome still). johnny helped fix my front brake and i fixed the idling issue.

the thing about mopeds is that they’re unpredictable. you never know if its gonna stall out or why it won’t start. that’s why having a proper tool kit at all times is a must. other than that, they’re fairly easy to┬ádiagnose.

made it to the house and joey pep got there the same time – he took a spin too hahaha – he’s like a pro!

then we headed to the backyard where the grill was already going with burgers, skewers of awesomeness and sweets galore (there were a lot of kiddies around!) so cute!

the bday girl and her momma!


cooling off

the crew

marilu getting ready for the next royal wedding

to the left is luella's big sister ruby... i love her too!

finally! my moped is here!

Posted in Mopeds by yoshi on November 20, 2010

now… to start assembling the rest of the parts… should be interesting lol!

a few updates i’ll be making to my bike (with the help of the orphanage guys):

  • get lower handle bars
  • drop the whole bike – shorter fork and back shocks
  • kit it up – new carburetor and exhaust pipe (and stuff like that)
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