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P-Rod at Nike Stadium…

Posted in Events by yoshi on August 26, 2010

first off – whoever was handling the “guest list” line outside nike stadium should be FIRED. that’s all i’m saying about that.

trudy and i finally made it in regardless, and went straight downstairs to down some drinks. p-rod was down there with a bunch of other skaters, but honestly, i could care less – there was a big bowl of nachos and salsa calling my name with 2 tecata’s in hand. (don’t worry, i went for the chips all the way at the bottom for hygiene sake… yea… like that really helps lol).


there was NO ONE downstairs… i dont know why everyone wanted to stay upstairs?! oh right. gucci mane was performing. after i left, i guess lil kim showed up FML.

gucci mane is one ugly mo fo… but props. =P

lindsay!!! ❤

world cup at the nike stadium…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Bicycles, Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 13, 2010

how did you guys spend your world cup? i rooted for spain, but cheered for the cute boys of the netherlands =)

we ended up watching the first half over at nike stadium, but i soon realized that too many people + booze + nyc summer heat = claustrophobia. although i loved being amongst futbol fans, i decided to bail and watch the rest of the game at my friend’s apartment in peace lol.

the usual suspects were there: drunk ass hanna…

drunk ass suz and sober yoshi…

tak in the back, may and rhandy


nishnet –

nish’s doggieeeee

abby and suz…

later that night i got hungry (what’s new?) so we went to udon west over on st. mark’s for some cold udon =)

john got curry and udon

and of course i wanted dessert, so we rode over to hiroko’s place for some ice cream parfaits hahahaha! fatty =X

…on summer bike rides to the beach with friends

Posted in Bicycles, Travel and Trips by yoshi on July 10, 2010

yesterday i got an email from suz to come join nike stadium on a bike ride to fort tilden with some friends (including nish, kyle, and the bridgerunners crew), including most of the people from my last bike ride around the boroughs. anyone and everyone was welcome!

we all met at 6pm at the stadium then rode over to manhattan bridge, through prospect park, pit stop at farrell’s bar (hands down THE COLDEST bud on draft – no lie!), up through flatbush, over that one bridge, and finally arrived at fort tilden (i hadn’t been there in almost 2 years since the accident!).

when we got to fort tilden, there was a much needed food/drink stop over at maria’s truck hahahah – 50 flavors of milkshake?! YES PLEASE.

it was getting dark so we rode quickly over to the beach where we had some fun in the water… it was SO NICE. it wasn’t chilly at all and it was a great way to cool down after riding through 85+ humidity. we also channeled our inner daniel-sans.

there was a tire casualty so while they sorted that out in the dark, the rest of us decided to look for the fort… uhm, yea, i’m chicken shit and so is suz so we were more than happy the ratio of boys to girls was at least 8:3 lmao.

after our little run with our version of the blair witch project, the bf and i decided it was time to go home, we parted from the group and rode the rest of the way to the carnasie L train stop, because there was NO way that we were riding all the way back home after riding about 20 miles to get to fort tilden bahahaha! my ass thanks the L train. oh, the rest of the group continued on to coney island then back to the city…

i had a BLAST and i can’t wait to do it again – if you follow my twitter, i’ll be blasting out the next ride, come! oh yea, thanks kyle!!! =)

suz and grace…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 28, 2010

i passed by nike stadium to say what’s up to suz.

she was busy playing some kind of handball…. by herself.

the amazingGRACE was in town too.

so we met up with her and ate at petite aubeille.


oh yea. suz also got her hair did.

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