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outfit posts: juuuuusssttt peachy…

Posted in Outfit, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on June 25, 2011

One of the things I love about summer is that I am able to get a few shades darker and wear peaches and pinks!

Oh yea, my perm is growing out and I’m finally able to mess around with different hairstyles. I was tempted to cut my hair a few days ago, but after I brush out the curls and tie that shit back, I’m kinda feelin’ it… for now =P

outfit deets: f21 denim jacket | h&m dress (damn, I’ve had this dress for about 6 years now, maybe that’s why its so tight =X) | ASOS sandals

outfit deets: dress (NastyGal) | hellz bellz denim | MadeMe x Vans chukkas

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And just because I still get the question… yes… that’s me.


Day 14 and 15: Outfit post and Zodiac signage…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge, Outfit by yoshi on June 6, 2011

this 30 day blog challenge is proving to be more difficult than i thought =X

Day 14: What you wore today… (yay! right up my alley!)

so this is what i wore yesterday (since i didn’t post anything)

outfit deets: mickey shirt (not gonna lie, i dropped too much money for this at LF) | forever21 pants | nasty gal corset bra

Day 15: Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality:

i’m a TRUE aries –
Adventurous and energetic (yup)
Pioneering and courageous (sure, why not)
Enthusiastic and confident (that’s me)
Dynamic and quick-witted (yes!)

On the dark side…

Selfish and quick-tempered (eeeeeep – i hate to admit it…)
Impulsive and impatient (VERY)
Foolhardy and daredevil (i don’t know about this one)
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outfit post: long tail skirt + a half day with ruby…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Outfit by yoshi on May 29, 2011

decided to rock the long tail skirt i bought from nastygal the other day paired with my “rock and roll” tee (cut the sleeves off). it was such a nice day!

outfit deets: longtail skirt (nasty gal) | rock n roll shirt (forever21) | jeffrey campbell sandals

shop shop shop!Shop Nasty Gali went to work and we had a half day, so i put in a few hours, decided that i was done for the day and then my girl ruby hit me up asking if i wanted to grab some lunch and then go to the mcqueen exhibit РBUT OF COURSE!

so thanks to her scoutmob app, we were able to get 1/2 off on our prix fixe meal (must be the filipino in us to find the best discounts hahahaha!) it led us to guantanamera where we enjoyed a lovely cuban meal with flan for dessert. we caught up about business, life, future projects (BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING FOLKS!).

ruby and i are a lot alike. very ambitious and continuously thinking of how we can change the world… our next phase in life is also leading us towards the same destination, but i’m not ready to share this yet lol.

we then hopped in a cab over to the met to try to check out the mcqueen exhibit… but GOOD LAWD – the line was a mile long and i’m SURE it was more than an hour wait, so we opted to come back another time…

either way, i was happy to catch up with ruby and keep a close eye on what we’ve got coming up! =)

because we’re fat: fatty crab part 2…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Fashion, Outfit by yoshi on May 29, 2011

here are the rest of the photos from fatty crab thanks to louise! =D

pork buns!

big ass serving spoon

yummy chinese broccoli

outfit deets: cheap monday shirt (nasty gal) | obesity and speed shorts | sandals bought from asos | h&m cardi worn as scarf =)

photos courtesy of louise.

art direction courtesy of wendy – bahahahaha!

shop shop shop!

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because i’m fat: fatty crab with my girls…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on May 28, 2011

wendy, louise and i finaaaallly made it out to dinner the other day. we decided to chomp on some asian fusion dishes at fatty crab! it was my first time there hehehe.

i think i can describe the food as being a mix of malaysian, vietnamese, thai, and all other southeast asian tastes combined.

i let the girls do the ordering so i can’t really tell you what the names of the dishes were, other than we had a stew with fat noodles and some other goodness, chinese broccoli with yummy sauce, pork steamed buns, and delicious spicy crab… louise and i threw on the bibs because we were gonna get DOWN on those bad boys!

here are a few pics! there’s more but i’ll have to steal those from louise hehehehe. but in the meantime, these instagram pics will suffice =) follow me on that thing – lady_yoshi

(outfit details to come)

outfit post: skirt, van halen, and a cat…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on April 3, 2011

h&m finally has some decent spring items this year. i absolutely love when they use peaches and creams…

h&m usually has the best peach palettes, i remember i bought this amazing dress in barcelona about 9 years ago before the franchise came to the states – i wore that sucker out til my back and shoulder fat couldn’t fit anymore! bahahahaha!

when it comes to off-white, cream colored items, they usually produce the best skirts, so this is one that i bought =) best part? POCKETS! love love love when skirts have pockets, i think all my skirts from h&m have pockets in them!

outfit deets: h&m skirt | van halen shirt | jessica simpson dany platforms | leather jacket (too lazy to look at tag right now, but bought 65% off at LF hehe)

my new hair…

outfit post: sca ulven dress…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on March 27, 2011

got this sca ulven off pixie market a while back… still trying to figure out how to properly wear it lol. i think this will also be a perfect dress for when it gets warmer – huge arm holes and light-weight material.

side-view makes me look like i have a baby bump bahahahha – i think i pulled it back too much and i kinda feel like a ninja, but i still love the versatility of it because you can wear the straps or not and tie it any way you please =)

look there are 3 of me!

outfit deets: sca ulven dress | sam edelman zoe boots

outfit post: jeffrey campbell lita’s…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on March 25, 2011

i caved in and bought a pair of the JC lita platforms.

and you know what?


ladies, believe it or not, these are by FAR the most comfortable platforms i own. even though i’m about 4+” above the ground, my feet feel more than sturdy walking around and the rubber soles give that extra padding i need to keep moving for hours!

i think i’ll have to buy more colors as soon as they re-stock more size 6’s =)

outfit deets: jeffrecy campbell lita platforms | h&m shirt (early birthday gift from my sister) | tripp jeans

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