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Philippines 2011: Day 1 and 2…

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 3, 2011

I’ve finally returned to the motherland after almost a year and a half. I’m telling you, the Philippines is growing so fast, sometimes I can’t even believe it’s still the same country I visited years and years ago when I was a kid!

My aunt, as usual, picked me up right when I got off the plane with her lovely staff members to help me. Then we hopped in the car with Ric (her driver for almost as long as I can remember, he’s literally watched me grow up!) and headed over to the condo we’d all be housed up in for the next 3 weeks in Makati.

Oh lookie who it is! Sarah and Teresa!

After settling in, we passed by my aunt’s office at the DOT (Department of Tourism) to grab a quick bite to eat – of course I requested bangus lmaoooo! There I finally met DOT’s social media/marketing guru Brian who helped me figure out how to connect to the internet and put minutes on my phone – WHICH by the way loves to turn on and off every 10 minutes…. it’s AWESOME. . . . . . lol.

I was exhausted from the long flight and decided to call it a night early so I could rest up for the next few days of Philippine Fashion Week! After my aunt left for work the next day, I hit up Banj and Sarah and they let me know they were getting some work done and CoLab, which was really close to our condo. I looked at Google Maps and sure enough, it was, so I opted to go for a walk. A few turns later, I was definitely not where I needed to be LMAO. Luckily, Rosario called me and asked where I was and where I was trying to go and told me to stay where I was so she could come to my rescue. I waited in front of the Mc D’s and heard her call out my name and I hopped in the car. We did a quick stop and then headed over to CoLab which was nearby. Got to the office, looked out the window, and low-and-behold, my condo was DIRECTLY across a parking lot in front of us. FML.

CoLab Manila is a collaborative workspace and studio for creative folks to work, be inspired, and to make shit happen! It is a beautiful space and reminds me of a loft we would find in NY!

Taking a photo of R and Banj while Sarah comes out of her hiding place lmaooooo!

R had to run and prep for Fashion Week activities and I hung out to have some lunch at the office – we had um…Kenny Rogers?! I think that’s what it was called?! Oh wait, is that a singer… Anyway it was gooooood – rotisserie chicken, cornbread, fruits – deeeelish. Unfortunately, I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo.

I also was introduced to a lovely lady named Margaux (not pictured in this post) who offered this amazing chocolate dessert! NOM NOM NOM! I ❤ Margaux and all of the new people I’ve been meeting!!!!! More to come!!!

I’m at the condo feeling under the weather so you can expect a few more blog updates today/tonight! Woot Woot! Enjoy!!!!

Oh wait – check this out… CORNED BEEF FILLED PAN DE SAL?!?!?!?!

A Solar Powered Philippines…

Posted in Culture, Gadgets by yoshi on October 11, 2011


Hellz-Bellz’s introduction to the Philippines…

Posted in Events, Fashion, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on June 22, 2011

Have you been keeping up with Miss Lawn and Bamski’s trip to the Philippines?! If not, here’s a short recap for you because they are KILL-IN-IT out there! The Filipinos are showing Hellz-Bellz so much love on the island(s).

As you know, they’ve teamed up with <a href="Shop now at” target=”_blank”>Vans again to create two more drool worthy shoes so much of their trip to the homeland was promoting the brand with the Vans Philippines team. They did a radio show hosted by KC Montero (hey hey heyyyy) and the beautiful Sarah; they held a dope launch party at Glorietta 3; they were invited to the taping of Party Pilipinas; also hosted by KC (a show I dearly miss since I don’t have TFC anymore waaah!), and they were also interviewed on a morning show called Morning ANC! BLADAW! 

So proud of you guys! ❤

Here are a few pics I stole from their blog…

Here are DJ Teaze and DJ Jena (I think, and I don’t know who’s who bahahhaa). Download their Kyss Kyss Bang Bang mixtape HERE – its fiyah!

the beautiful vicky herrera

Lawn was also graced with a custom pair of <a href="Shop now at” target=”_blank”>Vans created by Noel (MDVL Designs)LOVE!

Keep up with your Hellz updates!





Frank151 covers… the Philippines!

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on June 1, 2011

not too long ago sarah let me know she was covering a piece with frank151 to highlight the beauty of Boracay – am very excited to now have the opportunity to share this with you! enjoy!

mabuhay =)


twerk it gurrrrrl!!!

check out my palawan photos!

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on June 1, 2010

please do yourselves a huge favor and check out the recap of my el nido, palawan trip… you ALL need to get your asses over there PRONTO.

*update: Fatlace lost all my recaps and photos =(*


Philippines Trip Part 5: ATV to Mayon Volcano

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on May 25, 2010

visit my FATLACE blog for the FULL story! (sorry fatlace lost all my content)


Contact details for Mayon lava vein tour:  HERE or email:

the only way down…

my shoes. were ruined.

…on swimming with whale sharks

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on May 24, 2010

i posted this on my fatlace blog so it would be easier for you all to view multiple photos at once lol…

Right after our Naga trip, we drove about an hour and a half to Legazpi City where we met up with Ami, the most eccentric Filipino woman in Bicol! Not only did she remedy Igei’s motion sickness, but she also helped soothe a heat rash he had gotten from Boracay.

We dropped off our bags in our hotel rooms, changed into swim suits and hopped right back into a car that would take us another hour through the curvy, steep roads of the jungle to Donsol in Sorsogon City – home of the Butanding, or in English, the whale sharks. Now, I have to admit, I was pretty nervous handing my life over to Allen (our activity guide for the Butanding experience), “When I say jump, you jump in the water ok?” Me: “Ok?!” Meanwhile, John is scared shitless, not only at the fact we’d be swimming alongside whale sharks, but he’s never been in the deep ocean before… this did NOT help settle my nerves AT ALL FML lmaoooo.


We got our snorkeling gear on and requested to wear life vests, I was NOT about to get lost at sea hahahhaha! We boarded the boat and Allen, along with his spotters, took us out about 20 min. I was secretly hoping that perhaps the Butanding were tired and decided to swim away for the day, until we hear “doon!” Then my heart started racing and Allen tells us to get our gear on. My aunt is sitting there taking pics of us and laughing. I, on the other hand, looked intently at Allen to give us the signal to jump in…


We jump in, I’m lost in a sea of bubbles, then pop up quickly thanks to my life vest, and Allen quickly takes hold of my arm and leads John and I toward a certain direction. In my head I’m like, where is it? I’m looking down until Allen squeezes my arm and points for me to look upward, and that’s when I see a mouth as wide as my arms when I stretch them out.



outfit post: greenhills dress bought for 400 pesos

Posted in Fashion, Outfit by yoshi on May 19, 2010

400 pesos is roughly about $8 US.

greenhills is the SHIT. i went back about 4 times to bargain my through stalls and stalls of goodies – from clothes, to accessories, to jewelry, to cell phone cases! the BEST!

outfit deets: dress bought at greenhills | vintage hat | topshop shoes | f21 denim jacket

later that day, i was asked by rosario of status mag to speak to some of her staff about my life… i was very honored to have been asked to share my story.. more like storieS hehehe! was so happy to finally meet some of the faces behind the magazine. nante and tin are definitely creating big things for status.

the herrera’s are all VERY talented, up until the youngest, vicky =) she and i linked up a few days prior to this day and had a great conversation over yummy coffee and pie =P she pretty much runs the show for their shops: trilogy and greyone social, not to mention her own morning radio show called the dollhouse!

i can’t express enough how much i’m looking forward to watching status grow as a magazine and as a brand…


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