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Posted in Fashion by yoshi on March 30, 2009

thank you to my girl v for always hooking it up FAT with some goods. now i’m not going to rub it in your face that i get shit for free. hell no! i’ve worked damn hard and i deserve a break… or two!

i DO however, want to share with you my treats.

ladies, are you listening?

insight is a brand unlike many other “streetwear” brands. its one of those lady brands that really doesn’t sit alongside any “genre,” so to call it a streetwear brand is far from the truth, much like saying 10Deep of Ice Cream is a skateboard brand.

in my opinion, insight is much like how nikita clothing is branded: for that woman who is STRONG, who is FEMININE, who is BOYISHLY BOLD, who is NOT AFRAID TO FART IN PUBLIC BUT STILL REMAIN AS DAINTY AS A TULIP.

YES, insight represents those of us who are all of these…

this brand has been around a long time and their clothing and swimwear speaks for themselves, here’s a peek at what i received, the rest you can continue on to itsDesignRelated where i posted the rest of the photos.


arite… i’m gonna need 2 things here:

  1. hard solid abs must be created from what is currently a soft roll of mush
  2. bikini. wax.



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