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…on being bedridden

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 27, 2009

these past 2 days i’ve been camping out at home. working from my dining room table because i hardly get my internet connection in the bedroom.

i’m feeling a bit better today and i hope to venture outside to see the sun (which i think is shining today).

however. i just wanted to share with you all that since i’ve been home, i’ve been multitasking several things; one of which is my job of course, while the other task i’ve taken up is organizing a twilight girl trip to seattle and vancouver!

what started off as a joke to feed our obsession, has now heightened into a full on 9  female 12 women road/fly trip to seattle/vancouver with ladies coming through from mia, nyc, la, and sf!


basically in hopes of “bumping” into the cast as they are filming new moon, the sequel to twilight and visit forks, washington on the way back to seattle from vancouver.

i’m dead serious. it will be hilarious and it will be historical. i’m thinking that if we can get enough press about it, we can eventually score a meet and greet HAHAHAHA.

now don’t get me wrong however.

although we are all fans, we are NOT tweeny boppers.

we all have secure full time jobs, some with kids, some with husbands. we all have a firm grip on reality. and we all have been brought together by our childish obsession over twilight – what’s so wrong with a little fantasy??

anyway – click here if you are hatin on twilight LOL


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