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#PhilFashionWeek: Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua, Eric Delos Santos hosted by Sarah Meier (Pt. 2)

Posted in Fashion, Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 9, 2011

Alrighty folks – another speed post here! Here’s Part 2 of PFW’s Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua and Eric Delos Santos show (click here for Part 1).

Lizanne Cua presented her S/S 2012 ready to wear collection. Her designs are sleek, breathable, and definitely easy to wear. Here are a few selects:

The last designer to showcase their S/S 2012 collection was Eric Delos Santos. I loved the styling for this show. A mix of soft feather-like garments paired with bad-ass leather and chains = love. Also, one of the models I recognized from America’s Next Top Model, can you spot her? Danica Magpantay (winner of Ford’s 2010 Supermodel of the world) was also walking in his show – she’s beautiful!

That girl that Sarah is hugging is Philippine’s “IT” girl Anne Curtis, lol, I see her on ABS’s Showtime…


#PhilFashionWeek: Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua, Eric Delos Santos hosted by Sarah Meier (Pt. 1)

Posted in Fashion, Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 8, 2011

Apologies as this will be a speed post because I’m not sure if my internet will fail on me mid-posting lol! After the Triumph show at SMX, we all headed over SMDC to check out three designers, Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua and Eric Delos Santos showcase their Spring/Summer 2012 45 piece collections. Sarah was hosting the show so it was nice to finally see her live in action!

First up – Chris Diaz!

I loved this guys' shirt!

Chris Diaz’s show was “Native American/Tribal” inspired. I liked his color choices and some of the accessories that were styled with the outfits – here are a few of my picks…

Philippines 2011: Day 1 and 2…

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 3, 2011

I’ve finally returned to the motherland after almost a year and a half. I’m telling you, the Philippines is growing so fast, sometimes I can’t even believe it’s still the same country I visited years and years ago when I was a kid!

My aunt, as usual, picked me up right when I got off the plane with her lovely staff members to help me. Then we hopped in the car with Ric (her driver for almost as long as I can remember, he’s literally watched me grow up!) and headed over to the condo we’d all be housed up in for the next 3 weeks in Makati.

Oh lookie who it is! Sarah and Teresa!

After settling in, we passed by my aunt’s office at the DOT (Department of Tourism) to grab a quick bite to eat – of course I requested bangus lmaoooo! There I finally met DOT’s social media/marketing guru Brian who helped me figure out how to connect to the internet and put minutes on my phone – WHICH by the way loves to turn on and off every 10 minutes…. it’s AWESOME. . . . . . lol.

I was exhausted from the long flight and decided to call it a night early so I could rest up for the next few days of Philippine Fashion Week! After my aunt left for work the next day, I hit up Banj and Sarah and they let me know they were getting some work done and CoLab, which was really close to our condo. I looked at Google Maps and sure enough, it was, so I opted to go for a walk. A few turns later, I was definitely not where I needed to be LMAO. Luckily, Rosario called me and asked where I was and where I was trying to go and told me to stay where I was so she could come to my rescue. I waited in front of the Mc D’s and heard her call out my name and I hopped in the car. We did a quick stop and then headed over to CoLab which was nearby. Got to the office, looked out the window, and low-and-behold, my condo was DIRECTLY across a parking lot in front of us. FML.

CoLab Manila is a collaborative workspace and studio for creative folks to work, be inspired, and to make shit happen! It is a beautiful space and reminds me of a loft we would find in NY!

Taking a photo of R and Banj while Sarah comes out of her hiding place lmaooooo!

R had to run and prep for Fashion Week activities and I hung out to have some lunch at the office – we had um…Kenny Rogers?! I think that’s what it was called?! Oh wait, is that a singer… Anyway it was gooooood – rotisserie chicken, cornbread, fruits – deeeelish. Unfortunately, I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo.

I also was introduced to a lovely lady named Margaux (not pictured in this post) who offered this amazing chocolate dessert! NOM NOM NOM! I ❤ Margaux and all of the new people I’ve been meeting!!!!! More to come!!!

I’m at the condo feeling under the weather so you can expect a few more blog updates today/tonight! Woot Woot! Enjoy!!!!

Oh wait – check this out… CORNED BEEF FILLED PAN DE SAL?!?!?!?!

an early B-Day bash for Sarah!

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 14, 2011

WOW. WHAT a night! I’ll just provide the recap as a list – how about that?

  1. met the gang up at Hotel Chantelle to play “Hooky”
  2. drank a few drinky drinks
  3. ate at Congee Village – thanks to “Sam”
  4. continued the shenanigans at Tammany Hall where the b-day girl and friends danced their asses off

Surrounding myself with positive people is my goal… and this group, I just adore!!! ❤

Photo taken by Sarah: L-R – Jason, Moi, Allan, Drea, Mike

On to Congee… Unfortunately Banjo nor I remembered to take pics of the rest of the dishes – lmaoooo we just went IN.

Jayson and George

Banj and Sarah (it was Twitter time)

Sam and Allan!

Off to Tammany Hall!!!

From Sarah again – Cheeks, my “Holy Shi*t” et Sarah –

A lot of “head” shots bahahaha –

Sandizzle in the hizzouse!

I seeee you Erin =P

Nat was killin it after DJ GETLIVE and DJ Soul’s sets

Tonight’s #FAIL is brought to you by…

Miss Lily’s with Mr. and Mrs. Albano…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on August 6, 2011

A few nights ago the bf and I had dinner with Banj and Sarah. I took them to Miss Lily’s because, not only is the food tasty, but I also really enjoy the cool, “reggae” vibe – taking a break from the busy NY streets.

I feel truly blessed to have friends like this powerful duo! They’re constantly feeding each other ideas and supporting each other’s ventures, its no wonder they’ve accomplished so much in the Philippines (and soon NY too hehehe!).

We finally had a chance to really catch up and learn more about all of our lives… in a nutshell. There were a few silent moments because we were busy stuffing out faces with oxtail stew (Banj), jerk chicken (Sarah), curry vegetables (me), fried snapper (Igei). The drinks were deliciously sweet and not too overbearing for my little self and the dessert – oh yes… the banana pudding!!! -my inner cheeks are salivating as I remember the pudding…

mussels and tacos for apps



Inspiration comes from the people you surround yourself with…

(don't mind my hair... bad hair day)

it would probably be weird if they shared their pudding...

Hudson Bar with Banj and Sarah!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 17, 2011

I love how the internet makes the world a billion times smaller. I can’t even remember how I actually met Sarah and Banj, but it was definitely through the graces of Twitter and Gmail hahaha!

I finally met these two in person at the Hudson Bar (after Sandy and I somehow ended up at the wrong bar after Danji lmaoooo #moded). I felt like I’d already known these two for years! They’re visiting NY for a month, Sarah’s doing some hosting for BK Bodega TV for the Hip Hop Festival, and Banj is returning to his NY roots and of course, they’re slowly taking over the world =P

The music catered to alllll kinds of tastes, which I don’t mind, just put a drink in my hand and I’ll dance until my feet fall off!

The Hudson Bar never ceases to amaze me, I love their decor, so classy!

Ruby and her friend Randy were there and we kicked off the night by chatting about how wonderful the Philippines is. We also talked about the Spratly Island dispute going on right now (basically a bunch of countries including China, Malaysia and Vietnam, are fighting over this beautiful and resourceful territory). To learn more, you can partake in a UniPro summit on Friday @ 7pm at the Learning Center in Midtown!

Ruby and Eileen

Randy not enjoying the fist pumping music nor my enthusiasm to mimick the phenomenon lol

My dear friend Alex also showed up! If you’ve followed my blog(s) from before I moved to NY, you’ll remember all the shenanigans Al and I went through in SF with our time doing Homeroom clothing =) He’s one of my friends that I know I can call WHENEVER for WHATEVER even if we hadn’t spoken in years. Its a friendship that doesn’t need any communication – one look, one text, one email says it all – love you Al!!!

Oh yea, check out this video he made for Levi’s (hehehe)

So the five of us danced our asses off until Sarah, Banj and their crew showed up – and then we drank and danced some more! LOL! They run with a FAB crowd ❤

Couple of the century Banj and Sarah ❤

Eileen and Paul

Ms. Sandy Ley


Frank151 covers… the Philippines!

Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on June 1, 2011

not too long ago sarah let me know she was covering a piece with frank151 to highlight the beauty of Boracay – am very excited to now have the opportunity to share this with you! enjoy!

mabuhay =)


twerk it gurrrrrl!!!

Meeting of the Minds Manila…

Posted in Events by yoshi on April 3, 2011

the movement to “heal manila” is going strong and last week, with the help some of my friends like the of husband-wife duo banj albano and sarah meier-albano, as well as guest speaker ruby verdiano, something EXTRAORDINARY happened.

peers, friends, influencers, and those who are looking to help engage in change in the philippines, met at co[LAB] to discuss political issues, social empowerment, poverty, media, art, and tourism, among other subjects. the real topic: “CHANGE AND PROGRESS” – what does it really mean?

view this inspiring video to hear how our peers in the philippines are gearing towards this change and progress (thanks sarah!)

photos via vicky and sarah’s blogs

for more information, you can lookup the twitter hashtag subject : #manilaminds

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