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…more hair adventures: purple and pin curls

Posted in Hair by yoshi on October 19, 2009

as you know, i’ve been wanting to add a little bit of violet to my hair just for fun, so i paid another visit to flame (and pat was there again and totally remembered my face yay! and yes, we’re sooo on a first name basis duh).

anyway, so he added purple to my new and gave me a fresh buzz (as my sides were growing terribly long and gross). he used manic panic’s “mystic heather” color.

after applying the temporary color to my hair, i jumped in the hair dryer chair and then hopped right back out et voila!


this time, flame wanted to try something different with my hairstyle, so he decided to go pin up! yay! my all time FAAAAV =) so here’s a quick step by step tutorial for ya:

STEP 1: You’ll need a lot of these clips depending on how many curls you want in your hair.


STEP 2: Section your hair the way you’d like the curls to be parted. Starting towards the front of your dome. *Best when you hair is wet, or gel’d up… like a lot of gel =P


STEP 3: Take the sections and twist them into a “C,” almost “O” shape and secure it with the clip. *You can play around with the curl direction.




STEP 4: If you want, you can also set the back of your head with the normal curl (up and over).


STEP 5: Let your hair “set” for a while either by blow drying, or just waiting around until your hair is completely dry. But if you’re like me, and can’t sit under a dryer for that long, you can watch Flame do other people’s hair =P


STEP 6: Once your curls have “set,” you can take a hair iron (whether a thin flat iron or a curling iron) and curl back the rest of your hair (if its anything like my crazy cut lol).


STEP 7: Now, you can remove all the pins and take any pointy end (not like a needle, but more like a pen or single hair pick) and separate the pieces to make it look more “natural,” unless you like the defined curl look, then you can leave it as is. I went for the more natural look.



And here’s the final product! Pin curls galore! =)


…i am not my hair

Posted in Hair by yoshi on October 15, 2009

i am not my hair by india arie featuring pink (yea, i didn’t know about this version either)
both of whom i admire for their individuality, womanly strength, and of course – hair.

a song that pretty much says it all… listen:

…on being a hair freak
…on having short hair
hair blast from the past

…do blondes really have more fun?

Posted in Hair by yoshi on September 26, 2009

we shall see.

THANK YOU FLAME (patricia fields/hello beautiful) AND SUZ!!!! i need one more sesh before i can reach the true platinum color, but off to a great start!!!

oh yea, don’t mind all the pics, i was trying to get my sexy pose on BAHAHAHAAAH.


interview/review with FLAME to come – as well as a few tips from PATRICIA FIELDS herself! (she was at the salon getting her hair did too hehe)

…on having a bouffant

Posted in Fashion, Food for Thought by yoshi on June 2, 2009

what do you guys think? i went to some swanky bar last weekend and saw some model rockin the do and decided to give it a try…

my co-workers were indeed shocked, but c’mon! its ME – when do i NOT have a new do? i like it… its fun… gives me height.


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