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Dear Wordpress,

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on March 30, 2009


Why have you been sooooo slow the past 2 weeks?

It better be because of the huge traffic jam all my blogs on wordpress are creating.

Thank you.

(i’m so full of it aren’t i??? LOL)

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…on being a blogger

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on March 15, 2009

i have more than once heard people say to me, ” damn j— / yoshi, you’re the blog queen!”

i used to take it to offense to this remark because i wasn’t sure if they were being sarcastic, but i have come to terms, much like i’ve come to terms to accept that i am undoubtedly tied to streetwear for the rest of my life, with the fact that perhaps yes, i am a “blog queen” LOL (NOT to say i’m the best at blogging – HELL NO – but that i do balance all my blogs quite well *patting self on back*).

typical screenshot of how i work… most of the time these are open in multiple tabs

as you may (or mostly, may NOT) know, i blog for several sites. including this, that would mean i contribute my words to five(5) blogs. yes, FIVE.

some of you may say to yourself: “wtf? why?” “that’s lame” “why don’t you just do one blog?”

the answer is simple. each blog’s content pertains to different audiences AND not to mention, i have a lot to say about a lot of different shit. people have short attention spans and only like to read what they like so this is my way of filtering my thoughts for all of the readers:

  • fatlace -> active lifestyle (biking, cars, skateboarding, etc), street lifestyle (graffiti, bboy/girl, dj’s, etc)
  • iDR -> fashion, design, gadgetry, product reviews
  • ctothejl -> product reviews of streetwear and skate
  • wtforks -> everything twilight related
  • THIS ONE -> the “i don’t give a fuck, i’m writing whatever the hell i want, when i want.

ok, i’m done!

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…on choosing a new theme

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on March 13, 2009

this morning, betsey and i were talking about new themes for our blogs. she ended switching hers on blogger and i am diggin it. it totally suits her steeze and i like the pop of pink with all the grayscale in the background, check it out (click her name duh).

so it got me thinking, should i change up my theme too? i like minimal shit because i hate going on other blogs and feeling as if my personal space has just been invaded, forcing me to see a shitload of ads or too many posts on the homepage. do you know what i’m talkin about?? ok, i’m not gonna call anyone out, but juuust to satisfy your curiosity, example: you click on a site/blog and IMMEDIATELY your eyes are adjusting to (can you tell i like itemizing?): *fyi <- this is called a “widow” i HATE!

  1. fluorescent colors
  2. blinking gifs of these fluorescent colors
  3. 10 different banner ads leading you to RIDICULOUS online shops or dieting sites or join this/join that
  4. repetitive areas/widgets that show “new posts” vs “recent posts” vs “featured posts” vs “post posts” vs “i’ve already fucking seen this posts”
  5. i feel like there should be a #5, but i’ll leave that up to you to tell me.

ANYWAY, minimalism. yes.

that’s how i like it. that’s how i speak. that’s how i work. straight to the point. i hate to have anyone suffer through navigating any site or content of mine.

so… how do you guys feel about the current layout? too much? too little? not enough?

i found this one that i was kinda liking, but idk, looks a little too serious eh? i’m really not that serious… moreso, i just dont take myself that seriously.


would you hate me if i did this????? (i really really REALLY wanted to, but alas, the column was just TOO narrow)


i mean, COME ON – look at the little hello kitty face before each title!!!!

suggestions? holla.

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…on building a site

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 10, 2009

Can I just say… WTForks?! Why are there so many possibilities to create an easy to use, dependable website? All I want to do is the following:

  1. Build a website that will act like an online portfolio
  2. Include a wordpress blog (this one) on there
  3. Make sure it doesn’t crash on me in the near future
  4. Be within my price range

Now, I work in an interactive web agency as my full-time job, so luckily I have many developers to help me out at arm’s length. However, its all about this vs that vs this. So now, my options have been narrowed down to: media temple, godaddy, and ixwebhosting… either these or a .mac account! Now I THINK I’m going to spend the loot and go for media temple, a few friends of mine that have used it for their sites (fatlace, hypebeast, rokkan) so if THEY did… maybe so should I?

I’ll keep you posted, but I won’t be able to get anything up and running until next paycheck, it won’t be cheap! LOL! For now, enjoy my random rants here on my newest blog!

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