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suz and grace…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 28, 2010

i passed by nike stadium to say what’s up to suz.

she was busy playing some kind of handball…. by herself.

the amazingGRACE was in town too.

so we met up with her and ate at petite aubeille.


oh yea. suz also got her hair did.

…cafe habana run!

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on March 14, 2010

after the shoot, i met up with the girls at cafe habana to grab some lunch. if you haven’t been to cafe habana in nolita/soho yet… you’re missing out on some bomb ass food. there are two spots, one for sit-down (where we were) and the other for faster/take-out type meals (where i usually go when i’m just looking to get a quick lunch).

their sandwiches are delicious and so are their fish tacos… and so are their platters… and wait, so are their chorizo egg platesssss YUMMMMMM. i can’t wait for it to be summer so we can enjoy sitting outside while chomping on roasted corn (which is also a must).

i ordered the blackened chicken sandwich…. i should have shared with someone – it was pretty big.

oh! ran into our old friend emahn (this pic was taken from the other side of the window bahahaha – i was too lazy to run out =x) – ain’t he a cutie? sorry ladies, he’s taken!

roasted corn….

suz got the fish tacos… i was jealous

so yea… that’s it.

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