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nerd alert: androids, app magnets, and more…

Posted in Nerd Alert by yoshi on February 16, 2011

1. App Magnets

Yes please. $12.99 at

2. CONCEPT: Wind-up Batteries to recharge

I wonder how many twists you’d need to make in order to get these re-charged… let’s see if it actually makes it to production!

via Ubergizmo

3. “3-D” Bookshelf

Kindova waste of space, but a cool idea nontheless – would you? (I wouldn’t).

via Gizmodo

4. Solowheel

This looks a lot less nerdy than that awful segway – I’d totally try this!

via Ubergizmo

5. Make Yourself an Android

This is the only reason I would get an android phone and ditch the iphone (ok I lie lol)

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