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…on cats out the bag

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 29, 2009

NOT to be confused with 215’s “Catz out the Bag”

my two cats are awesome kitties with the most unusual tendencies, as i’m sure many of you can relate to.

for one, squirt NOT ONLY thinks she’s a dog (plays fetch ALL day, and YES, brings the ball right back to you every single time), but she has this thing about plastic bags. everytime we order food and empty the contents out, she automatically goes in as if its her new home… and will STAY there for as long as we don’t pull her out! when i go shopping i’ll put the bag on the floor and she’ll go right in – EVERY SINGLE TIME.

example on 2 separate occasions… (i will, from now on, document her journeys to bagland.)



sushi, my other cat, is a badass. don’t fuck with her. but on a nice note, she loves to hop in the shower after i open the door and roll around before discovering she’s all wet. then freaks out and jumps out with the “how the hell did i get wet?!” expression – yet she does this every morning.

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