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New Warpaint “The Fool” Music Videos…

Posted in Music by yoshi on September 20, 2011

After being introduced to Warpaint when I interviewed them for the Keds Whitney Summer Fridaymusic sessions, I fell in love with the band and their music. They’re not your typical “chick” band, they actually create GREAT compositions – no, really just listen for yourself!

Also, their drummer Stella is BAD ASS – one of my favs, Teresa the lead guitarist is a sweetheart and has a voice of glass AND plays drums, Jenny Lee (Sossamon ahem) is a SICK bassist AND performer, and then there’s Emily the lead singer… she’s got a solid voice but I hope her personality has changed since the last time I met them… =X

Here are some music videos from their album “The Fool” dropping 9/26 – next week!

L-R: Teresa, Emily, Jenny Lee, Stella and friend... **this was an interesting photo... the main singer, emily (blonde girl not looking), was a bit of a diva and didn't want to take a pic if it was for Keds... WTF right?

EPIC drum solo by Stella – just fast forward to about 6:30 and after if you don’t wanna listen to the whole song…

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