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…on being magyarul

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on September 9, 2010

i used to study and live in Budapest… one of the first things i learned to say was “szia, en amerikai diák vagyok” = “hello, i am an american student.” bahahahahhha!

…én elvét Magyarország (i miss Hungary)

just saw these photos somewhere (sorry i forgot from where, its been in my draft for a while oops):

the danube river - view from the "buda" side, i lived on "pest" side

this is on the buda side as well - i think its at the fort - awesome

GAH! i want one!

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…on summer bike rides to the beach with friends

Posted in Bicycles, Travel and Trips by yoshi on July 10, 2010

yesterday i got an email from suz to come join nike stadium on a bike ride to fort tilden with some friends (including nish, kyle, and the bridgerunners crew), including most of the people from my last bike ride around the boroughs. anyone and everyone was welcome!

we all met at 6pm at the stadium then rode over to manhattan bridge, through prospect park, pit stop at farrell’s bar (hands down THE COLDEST bud on draft – no lie!), up through flatbush, over that one bridge, and finally arrived at fort tilden (i hadn’t been there in almost 2 years since the accident!).

when we got to fort tilden, there was a much needed food/drink stop over at maria’s truck hahahah – 50 flavors of milkshake?! YES PLEASE.

it was getting dark so we rode quickly over to the beach where we had some fun in the water… it was SO NICE. it wasn’t chilly at all and it was a great way to cool down after riding through 85+ humidity. we also channeled our inner daniel-sans.

there was a tire casualty so while they sorted that out in the dark, the rest of us decided to look for the fort… uhm, yea, i’m chicken shit and so is suz so we were more than happy the ratio of boys to girls was at least 8:3 lmao.

after our little run with our version of the blair witch project, the bf and i decided it was time to go home, we parted from the group and rode the rest of the way to the carnasie L train stop, because there was NO way that we were riding all the way back home after riding about 20 miles to get to fort tilden bahahaha! my ass thanks the L train. oh, the rest of the group continued on to coney island then back to the city…

i had a BLAST and i can’t wait to do it again – if you follow my twitter, i’ll be blasting out the next ride, come! oh yea, thanks kyle!!! =)

wheels: South Florida Fixed

Posted in Bicycles, Interview by yoshi on July 28, 2009

thank you justin for the interview!!! check out SOUTH FLORIDA FIXED blog – glad to see the heat ain’t burning them tires!

Picture 5

we were separated at birth.

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on May 11, 2009

i swear to it.

Picture 1 copy

*my only edit was replacing the 2nd line with “the skids of a bike tire,” other than that – pretty on fucking point.

… on “my kind of girls”

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 23, 2009



check out my girls on the right! i think that’s posy and that’s definitely juliet on the charge frame =)

Photos via Chicks and Bikes


Posted in People by yoshi on March 19, 2009

this is juliet. although i’ve only met her once with the other london gals. i consider her a new “mate.” chris (the upper lip) took these shots of her in an outlier wool hat and shirt.


i wanna see more for the ladies!

Amazing Grace

Posted in People by yoshi on March 19, 2009

GRACE is here. watch out now. she grinds harder than your teeth at night.


this is her blog


Posted in People by yoshi on March 16, 2009


a few new gal pals from london (posy, juliet, and sam) are in town this week – yay! we all ride track bikes, so this makes it even MORE exciting for me: to hang out with chicks on bikes (other than the messenger gals, i just don’t know many of them…..yet!)

anywho, posy (isn’t that a fantastic name???), juliet and sam came through from london and straight away we went off towards a random sunday adventure with some guy pals: chris, jack, bones, prolly, wonka, jeremiah, more and more and more… and of course, my girl TURD =) GRACE – we missed you and shall see you in a few!!!

events as follows:

  1. brunch in greenpoint
  2. talk of tattoos
  3. williamsburg three kings for first timer tattoos, let a long on the lower lip
  4. bike trick sesh while waiting for appt (first time i’ve ever seen a girl do a wheelie on a track bike)
  5. boneshakers cafe for a quick

For more photos – check my other blog (

juliet, posy, sam


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