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because i’m fat: Pates et Traditions…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on December 2, 2010

I enjoyed a fantastic meal at petite French cafe in Williamsburg with my girl Kait. The crepes at Pates et Traditions are DELICIOUS and the staff are super friendly and super French lol. We each ate a savory crepe (made of wheat) as well as sweet crepes – I had the banane flambee… and yes, it was FLAMIN!

…on having one of my fav cousins visit… again

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on October 8, 2010

i always enjoy when my cousin kyle and his girlfriend fres come to stay with us. he always keeps me on my toes, even when we were little.

as per the typical “jasmin” family trait (our mother’s maiden name, they’re sisters), we enjoy eating. anytime. anywhere. again and again.

so here’s a quick recap of their stay with us =) oh also, i’m strongly reminded of my “hip hop” roots when he comes through – both he and fres are pretty down with the bay area hip hop, b-boy/girl, graff scene, so its always nice to get thrown back into the lifestyle i once enjoyed… (who am i kidding – i still do!)

one of our first nights out we ate at a very decently priced italian join in williamsburg called kenny’s trattoria. it was amazing! very quaint and the food was just spectacular!

gem from invisible stripes in sf is fres’ cousin and he was in town as well

prociutto wrapped shrimp?! yes please!

*more food pics below*

the following day (i think), rather, night. we went to do dylan’s candy bar… must go back for their dessert bar!!! sundaes galore!!!!

then we headed further uptown to go to shake shack and thank god the line wasn’t too horrible and i got to taste and devour my very first shake burger!!! deeeelish!

then we watched catfish…. no comment.

the next day, we headed out for brunch at jimmy’s diner for some home style goodness. i ordered their krunchy french toast (challah bread french toast covered in frosted flakes!!!) and side of friend chicken. yes. a side of FRIED CHICKEN. i HIGHLY recommend it.

we also ordered fried deviled eggs…

fres ordered the chicken and waffles joint…

after scarfing down the food. we hopped on the G train and headed over to queens to visit the infamous 5 pointz building. it was pretty dope seeing all those pieces on this landmark. one of my cousin’s and fres’ friends met us there. joey has a piece up somewhere… and his daughter is a cutie pie!

we headed back into the city after that and did some shopping. we tried our best to walk off all the food we got at jimmy’s because we were going to go to hill country bbq for more food. i think we didn’t walk enough because we were still pretty full when we got to hill country, but we did plenty of damage. so much so, that i forgot to take pics oops! however, on the way home, we passed by a NEW hill country spot! its called hill country chicken!!! we got dessert there and called it a night lol

can’t wait til their next visit! =)

Woodley and Bunny: Kaitlin Candella

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Hair by yoshi on September 20, 2010

as some of you may or may not have noticed, i’ve begun my transition back to being a brunette. my hair was dying and it needed to get fixed. my go-to hair guru is my girl KAITLIN from woodley and bunny in williamsburg. she’s been doing my hair for the past 3.5 years now so yea… we go back lol!

i love her cuts because they always grow out sooooo loverly… plus, she’s hilarious and i love spending time in her chair ❤ so make sure you book your next hair appointment with KAIT!

after my cut and color, we headed down the street to PETER‘S for some home-style goodness… YUM

…on being a fatty: ENID’S (yes they have food too)

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on August 30, 2010

suz and i continued working on our project and it brought us to enid’s where we had an early dinner. enid’s at night is usually packed with skaters, hipsters and girls looking to get laid, but during the day, its pretty chill =P

they have great food and a lovely drink called the harrison. we ordered their pickled plate, shared some curry cake sliders, and even ordered blackened catfish sandwich – yes, we were hungry.

oh yea. we ordered dessert.

560 manhattan ave
brooklyn ny 11222

M in williamsburg…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on July 12, 2010

the other night i had a craving for some chinese food.

no. not the dirty chinese food kind, but like the good, clean, msg-free kind. so we ended up going to a hipster chinese spot in williamsburg bahahaha!

the place is called M shanghai bistro and i have to admit, it was damn good. prices were decent, could have been less, but hell, its williamsburg.

we ordered the soup dumplings (duh), pork mu shu (sp?), and chinese broccoli with garlic sauce – OMG i don’t even like veggies and this was DEEEELISH! all for just under $40.

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