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ken goto photo and an awesome gift

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on January 22, 2010

*ps. i’ve finally made the decision to begin transferring all future blog posts from fatlace over to this one…

fuck it, it keeps me sane and its easier to manage. so for everyone who thought i was somewhat of a girly girl only interested in fashion and talking shit… i now introduce you to the more tomboy side of my life – full of skateboarding, biking, boys galore! =)

the other night, the bf and i met up with our good friend goto and his buddy… i forgot his name oops. goto is funny HILARIOUS, he’s hyphy, he’s a lazy japanese who’s english is getting worse and worse (LMAO), and he’s a great photographer. i’m always in for a good laugh or two – oh also, he has more filipino jokes than any filipino – WTF?! “chicken and bread” is all i have to say BAHAHHAHAHAA!

we went to get ramen at minca – YUMMMMM best believe your burps smell like a mofo, but oh so deeeelish.

i ordered the #3 BASIC – pork and chicken broth – GAH i’m hungry again!

on the way home, the bf and i ran into yuki from chari & co, when we got home, the bf said – oh! i forgot, yuki wanted to give you something…

wait for itttttt….. WAIT FOR IIITTTTT!

my favorite is when you turn it over!


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  1. Teresa said, on January 22, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    Best card ever.

  2. […] minca – another awesome ramen spot, go early! […]

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