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outfit post: what’s the diff between leopard and cheetah print?

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on June 30, 2011

outfit deets: Hellz-Bellz tank dress | F21 sheer leggings | i keep forgetting what kind of sandals these are

me and mah new bag =)

So yea, who can tell me what the real difference is in cheetah vs. leopard print?

My Hellz-Bellz x Mata Hari “The Duffle Bucket” Bag!

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on June 30, 2011

Today I received my Hellz-Bellz x Mata Hari “The Duffle Bucket” bag! I had pre-ordered it a while back and had almost forgotten about it! I was absolutely stunned when I took it out of the box.

The leather is so soft, the silver accessories give the bag juuuust the right edge appeal with its studs and decorative chains, not overly done and very tasteful. Inside there is a nice cotton leopard lining too – surprise! It was also a lot bigger than I expected, which is AWESOME!

Congrats Hellz and Mata Hari for this dangerously beautiful creation! I’m wearing it out of the office!


the bottom of the bag is KILLER

awww its like lawn signed it herself =)

represent represent

outfit post: tonal…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on June 28, 2011

This is what I wore to the Vans event. I changed my hat because it was a bit tooooo big on my small head hahaha!

outfit deets: f21 tank | skirt (NastyGal) | h&m hat | f21 shoes


Shop Nasty Gal

VANS Create Your Mark Event Recap!

Posted in Events, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on June 26, 2011

This past Saturday, Sandy, Deana and I headed to the House of Vans to attend their “Create Your Mark” event that celebrated creativity! I got word that we’d be able to tie dye shoes (thank you to the Vans team for supplying us with shoes!) as well as shirts!

I have to give it up to Vans, they really know how to throw events that get everyone involved versus sitting around listening to music and getting drunk hahaha!

We arrived in time to see Hana and Rachel begin their tie-dying extravaganza lol.

Sandy and Deana were itching to get started on their creations…

This was an awesome pair – so creative… damnit, why can’t I be that creative?!

I worked on my pair after I took these photos. I opted to create a one tone red pair that would fade from front to back. Sandy did a blue version and Deana, being the meticulous artist that she is, did some awesome 4-tone pair…

pic below from Deana: random pair on the left, Sandy’s, mine, and Deana’s:

We decided to eat before tie-dying some tops – we needed food to fuel our creativity! Fortunately, Vans always gives their guests freeeee foooood! This time around we had some killa Korilla BBQ! Nom nom nom nooooommmmm!

Sandy and I also ate cheeseburgers =X

After devouring our Korean BBQ style tacos we headed inside to draw on a blank “living room” installment meant for everyone to vandalize – aweeessoommenesss…

With our bellies full, we were ready to take on tie-dying our black white shirts provided by Vans. There were SO many different techniques and lots of very creative people… I went for the very simple rasta style, Sandy did an American flag inspired tank, and well Deana… hers obviously came out awesome… so many colors and shapes lmaoooo.

Wendy also showed up for a little bit too… oh yea, you like her lips? Its her own lipglass creation with MAC (now available)!

Vans also had a few bands come and play inside, one of which was Chairlift… I have a new band I’m going to stalk, they KILLED it!

oops blurry

The gals: Rachel, Wendy, Moi, Deana, and Sandy (getting yet ANOTHER Korilla Taco lol #fatty):

Thank you to the amazing Vans team for hosting a wonderful event for everyone!!! I can’t wait til the next one! Here are a few faces behind the brand…



Hana and Rach with the Nikki S (the fabulous woman behind the Vans_66 twitter):

Oh yea, before we left, all 5 of us bitches crammed our asses and faces into a tiny ass photobooth… yea, we did.

And home we went… captured a few snaps of the sunset =P


Here are a few pics I found on Vans’ Flickr:

our shoesies!


Happy Birthday Nico!!! the party continues…

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 25, 2011

After a dance filled night at the Fool’s Gold party, we headed out to stuff our faces at Mr. Noodle (or something like that, I think I just made that name up actually…. I don’t remember this part of the evening, only that I had really good noodle soup and fried rice thanks to Sandy).

After we ate, we walked over to Panda where the rest of the crew was celebrating Nico’s birthdayyyyyy – woohoo!

Nico and Chico:

Mau’s present to Nico:


Jay Jung and Izzy:




Fool’s Gold x Members Only Pre-Launch Party Recap!

Posted in Events by yoshi on June 25, 2011

Last night my friends and I partied our arses off at The Westway. Yes. The Gentleman’s club. One of my bff’s Mike, from back home has been here in NY working so I invited him out on his last night. We were both excited to possibly get some beer and boobie action, but Hawaii Mike told us they took down the poles womp womppppp – I had to fight the urge to get up on that stage myself lmaoooo! My other friend Mike, yes, that makes 3 Mikes now, was also there supporting his friends and had them playing songs from his crew Honor Roll – hawt.

Fool’s Gold is launching a collaboration with Members Only dropping this fall, so this was a pre-launch party to celebrate the project with the likes of A-Trak, Dave-1, and Catchdubs.

After a few drinks… let’s just say we were all very happy and the night was still VERY young… thanks Hawaii!!!

Kim of Complex and Mike:

Hana, Rachel (love her!), Mike:

Ms. Sandy Ley:

Fran (too cute), Louise and Sandy:

My girl Ms. Roxy Cottontail and her just as beautiful friends:

party like a rockstar

Mr. Dante Ross – positive vibes to you my friend, been too long =)

Mikol (Contego/Amongst Friends) and Wil (Karmaloop)

When we left, it was only about 11 bahahahaha! GREAT TIMES

outfit posts: juuuuusssttt peachy…

Posted in Outfit, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on June 25, 2011

One of the things I love about summer is that I am able to get a few shades darker and wear peaches and pinks!

Oh yea, my perm is growing out and I’m finally able to mess around with different hairstyles. I was tempted to cut my hair a few days ago, but after I brush out the curls and tie that shit back, I’m kinda feelin’ it… for now =P

outfit deets: f21 denim jacket | h&m dress (damn, I’ve had this dress for about 6 years now, maybe that’s why its so tight =X) | ASOS sandals

outfit deets: dress (NastyGal) | hellz bellz denim | MadeMe x Vans chukkas

Shop Nasty Gal

And just because I still get the question… yes… that’s me.


who is Sarah Meier-Albano?

Posted in Culture, Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 23, 2011

As part of the Philippine Department of Tourism’s mission to reach out to fellow Filipino-Americans living outside of the country, Secretary Lim (who just so happens to be my aunt’s direct boss hehehehe) is on a 6 US city road trip to personally welcome his brethren back home through a program called “Pinoy Homecoming.” (My parents are actually seeing him in SF in a few days!)

Along with the tour, Secretary Lim has been working with a few of our younger friends in the Philippines to bridge the gap between our generations’ people here in the states with those back in the motherland.

So, here is a great video interview of Sarah, who, as I’ve mentioned before, is one of the individuals spearheading the movement to “Heal Manila,” sharing her story and how she plans to participate in the Pinoy Homecoming starting with our generation =)


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