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on shit i’m diggin…

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Yoshi gets sushi-fied!

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busy few weeks… follow my moves…

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Apologies, don’t have much time to update the bloggy blog, but in the meantime, you can keep up with my shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram!

Oh yes, I thought someone stole my phone, turns out, I actually left it in our office gym and someone found it sitting in a locker… looks like I checked the wrong locker when I was frantically looking for it – SMH and FML. I’ve downloaded mobile me just in case it happens again! ::knock on wood::

PS. I’m updating the design/build of my blog too… launching soon! Yay!


best signs EVER!

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Bahahaha – check this site out for a good laugh via Happy Place – a few of my fav’s below (thanks Madison lmao):

drum lessons and brunch in williamsburg…

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Woohoo! After all the stress I’ve had to put up with with losing my iPhone (actually, more like someone STEALING it from my desk at work), I was happy and excited to attend my first drumming session at BANG! The Drum School in Williamsburg and let loose – yea, I know you’ve all seen their ads plaster around Bedford Ave!

When it comes to playing the drums, I’m oooookay for having learned on my own, but I thought it was about time to take lessons and learn how to read music sheets and know the fundamentals of percussion.

Because I took piano for almost 13 years, reading music was just peachy, a bit different obviously, but not too bad! My instructor, Phil, was awesome, he said we could skip ahead to the harder stuff since I was able to catch on quickly – yayyyyy!!! I learned some rock beats and one fill lol.

Looking forward to my next lesson, gotta put in the practice so I don’t lose what I just learned! I bought a little practice pad and some sticks… if I get better, maybe I’ll invest in an electric set, or I’ll just jam out in the music room at work =D

I left my bike with Omar and Louise, so after class, we all went to have brunch at Colette – STARVIN MARVIN! We sat in their newly extended garden area and devoured fish tacos, season fries with a side of aioli, and I had their baked french toast topped with plums – OMGAAAHHHH YUM! Oh also ordered a bloody mary for myself… which Louise helped me finish =X

the Photoshop Challenge…

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My friend Shannon along with her friend Alex, have created a HILARIOUS site called the “Photoshop Challenge.” Basically they present participants with an image and a task – the rest is up to you to create Photoshop magic!

Here are a few examples:




a letter and photos from my 16 year old self…

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This is a letter I wrote to a friend of mine when I was 16, he was 18 and just started college hahaha! Well, looks like my passion for writing has changed over the years!

Damn… I was such a hood rat! Dark lipliner, no eyebrows, puka shells, a collection of Trollz….

no eyebrows!

yea... I went to prom when I was a sophomore... 1 of 10 proms LMAOOO

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