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thank you THINKSOUND!

Posted in Gadgets by yoshi on November 29, 2010

Thinksound has yet again gifted me with a lovely set of eco-friendly headphones!!! I absolutely adore and appreciate their smart packaging (yea, I’m a sucker for branding and packaging). The pair I previously had, which I used daily, was already awesome… but these TS02 headphones are even better because I’m able to control my music with a few clicks (including repeat, go back a few tracks, skip, etc…), however, I don’t think it allows me to control the volume (Mike correct me if I’m wrong lol), and use it as a mobile headset.

I love the look of these headphones because they’re so sleek and helloooooo they’re made of REAL wood and recycled materials =)

From Thinksound:

Great sound you can talk about.

thinksound™ ts02+mic headphones feature an in-ear 8mm high-definition driver with integrated microphone and call control. These eco-friendly earbuds have “excellent sound quality, and produce a rich, and warm sound, which is clear and crisp.” (Geeky Gadgets) You can also easily answer calls via the sleek, one-button control.

The ts02+mic features reduced speaker diameter and housing size to provide better ergonomics, upgraded acoustics, and a wider sound-stage. “The ts02+mic fits comfortably and its high-definition driver pumps out warm sound that is as clean as the artist who made it probably intended.” (Gear Diary) Like our other models, the ts02+mic also features PVC-Free cables and a hand-crafted, sustainable wood housing for more accurate sound reproduction.

Offered in a rich Cherry/Silver or Chocolate/Black finish, thinksound™ ts02+mic headphones are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and most Blackberry models and smart phones. Every pair comes with a cotton carrying pouch, and four sets of ear fittings to ensure a perfect fit. As with all of our products, thinksound™ ts02+mic headphones come with a one (1) year warranty.

ts02+mic headphones are compatible with:

iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPad, iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4), Macbook, Droid II, Droid X, Droid ERIS, HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S, Blackberry (with 3.5mm standard headphone jacks only), Motorola A1600, HTC EVO and many more. Contact us if you want to know if your phone is compatible.

oh yea, I got a hair cut and color =)


Holbrooke by SBerry: 15% Discount Offer!

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on November 29, 2010

A few of you have been asking about my ring so…. Simone has graciously offered a 15% off discount valid this whole week to get YOUR OWN Holbrooke ring!

Enter “Yoshi15” upon purchase for 15% off!

on the schumacher girls…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on November 26, 2010

this is the precious family of my ate agnes and her two baby girls, isabella and amelia =) i adore them!!!

moped adventures…

Posted in Mopeds by yoshi on November 24, 2010

I finally finished putting the parts together and the bf helped me bring it to the Orphanage to make sure it was all set up and ready to go. They let me know that the one piece was all dirty so that’s why it wasn’t running (although, I have to be honest, John and I never even made an attempt to start is bahahahha).

Not only will they be helping me to get it up and running, but I’m changing a few things like the bars and getting new tires.

I had no idea how to get the exhaust on… so I left it off to let the Orphanage fix it hahahah!

Let’s just say he’s not going any faster than I can walk – the tires were all flat.

Should be up and running by the end of this week! Yay!!!

nic cage… you so crazy!

Posted in Random by yoshi on November 24, 2010
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dear L train…

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on November 24, 2010

why must you blast your AC on the train all year round? its winter. its 40 degrees out. why should i wear my furry hood and sit in my puffy jacket while i ride to and from work only to leave the station just AS cold as i was when i entered it?

it makes no sense!

and ps. i still hate all the BOYS who don’t give their seats up for women (well to be clear – older ladies, women with kids, kids in general, women with heels on, etc).

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on shit i’m diggin…

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on November 23, 2010

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Keri Hilson. you’re on FIYAH!

Posted in Music by yoshi on November 22, 2010

hot hot hot! i love her hair – inspiration to keep growing mine!

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