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Day 8: What you ate today…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge, Because I'm Fat by yoshi on May 30, 2011

luckily today’s question from the 30 day blog challenge is an easy one and won’t make me look as bad as yesterday’s food consumption (everyone, including myself, was in disbelief!).

today, i had…

in the morning, fried up some mochi, topped with a little (i’m lying, a LOT) of sugar, and a bit of soy sauce. a japanese morning treat taught to me by john’s mom. =)

then i hopped on my bike to the train station to meet up with igei, ate a beef patty before the long train + bike ride. once we crossed over the bridge we stopped over at maria’s food truck (they have the best shakes!) and i just got a hot dog…

we got to the beach and met up with all our friends, laid out for a few hours, dipped in the water, then decided it was finally time for fish tacos from rockaway taco. the line was so long that marilu and i went around the corner to grab some pina colada’s to go from connelly’s came back, and still waited a few more minutes.

when we finally got our fish tacos, the staff gave us some chips and guac on the house since they recognized our friends (joey and mehring) from some skate vid – woot woot!

*photos taken with iPhone4 + instagram

rode my moped to luella’s 1 year bday partay!

Posted in Friends & Familia, Mopeds by yoshi on May 30, 2011

woohoo! finally hopped on the moped for a quick ride over to the tunney’s to celebrate little luella’s 1 year birthday!

had to adjust a few things though (and sadly, someone stole my puch odometer, but i guess it looks pretty awesome still). johnny helped fix my front brake and i fixed the idling issue.

the thing about mopeds is that they’re unpredictable. you never know if its gonna stall out or why it won’t start. that’s why having a proper tool kit at all times is a must. other than that, they’re fairly easy to diagnose.

made it to the house and joey pep got there the same time – he took a spin too hahaha – he’s like a pro!

then we headed to the backyard where the grill was already going with burgers, skewers of awesomeness and sweets galore (there were a lot of kiddies around!) so cute!

the bday girl and her momma!


cooling off

the crew

marilu getting ready for the next royal wedding

to the left is luella's big sister ruby... i love her too!

a lovely summer day in brooklyn…

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on May 30, 2011

the weather’s been beautiful and i’ve been trying to enjoy every moment of it outdoors. now that we live across the street from prospect park, its so easy for me to head out and find a spot to lay out.

after a quick brunch of dumplings (bought frozen from vanessa’s – yea! you can!), i took my bike and rode over – i also brought the hunger games with me (apparently i had 2 copies of the book on my bookshelf, no idea how??). started reading, but the sun won me over and i fell asleep hahaha!

by the way, there are some serious kite flyers out there – some reaching outer space! (no, not really)

oh yea, took a ride down nostrand – this is cute:

Day 7: Five pet peeves…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on May 30, 2011

Oops i forgot to post this yesterday (i have a feeling this will happen often if i’m supposed to post something everyday for the 30 day blog challenge lol).

my five pet peeves are:

  1. unkept toes and fingers.. GAH-ROSS! i hate when people walk around in open toe shoes/slippers/etc… and their toenails aren’t clipped or their nail polish is half gone… YUCK! alsfijaowpeifhaeoif – i also hate when guys have long fingernails…. GAH! ok moving on before i barf.
  2. namedropping. puh-lease. you’re not that cool if you have to drop every name you’ve heard about on hypebeast.
  3. PDA. i understand you guys are in love. awesome. but please, keep that affection to a minimum so i don’t have to gag every time you guys express this undying love for another. this includes facebook status updates, IRL, profile pics. i mean, i GET it, not trying to hate, but for real… just turn it down a bit.
  4. wearing your outside clothes if you sit on the bed. NO NO NO NO NO! don’t you KNOW where those pants have been?? then you want to sit your ass on the bed you sleep on?
  5. not changing the toilet paper roll. WTF?! you see its down to its last shit ticket… how hard is it to put a new roll back on?

outfit post: long tail skirt + a half day with ruby…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Outfit by yoshi on May 29, 2011

decided to rock the long tail skirt i bought from nastygal the other day paired with my “rock and roll” tee (cut the sleeves off). it was such a nice day!

outfit deets: longtail skirt (nasty gal) | rock n roll shirt (forever21) | jeffrey campbell sandals

shop shop shop!Shop Nasty Gali went to work and we had a half day, so i put in a few hours, decided that i was done for the day and then my girl ruby hit me up asking if i wanted to grab some lunch and then go to the mcqueen exhibit – BUT OF COURSE!

so thanks to her scoutmob app, we were able to get 1/2 off on our prix fixe meal (must be the filipino in us to find the best discounts hahahaha!) it led us to guantanamera where we enjoyed a lovely cuban meal with flan for dessert. we caught up about business, life, future projects (BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING FOLKS!).

ruby and i are a lot alike. very ambitious and continuously thinking of how we can change the world… our next phase in life is also leading us towards the same destination, but i’m not ready to share this yet lol.

we then hopped in a cab over to the met to try to check out the mcqueen exhibit… but GOOD LAWD – the line was a mile long and i’m SURE it was more than an hour wait, so we opted to come back another time…

either way, i was happy to catch up with ruby and keep a close eye on what we’ve got coming up! =)

because we’re fat: fatty crab part 2…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Fashion, Outfit by yoshi on May 29, 2011

here are the rest of the photos from fatty crab thanks to louise! =D

pork buns!

big ass serving spoon

yummy chinese broccoli

outfit deets: cheap monday shirt (nasty gal) | obesity and speed shorts | sandals bought from asos | h&m cardi worn as scarf =)

photos courtesy of louise.

art direction courtesy of wendy – bahahahaha!

shop shop shop!

Shop Nasty Gal

Day 6: Your views on mainstream music…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on May 28, 2011

today i have to talk about my views on mainstream music for the 30 day blog challenge. hmmm… now, being that i’m all about the latest gossip – er news – surrounding entertainment, i think the same goes for mainstream music (which i think would be typically referred to as “top 40?”) if so, then i’m all about the nicki minaj’s, lady gaga’s, beyonce’s, riri’s and bruno mars’ out right now.

i enjoy dancing to their songs, not saying that i’d go out and buy their album and listen to it on repeat for a week. no. i just have a thing for catchy tunes and i appreciate music that can make me shake what my mama gave me.

so, for all you music snobs out there who are too snobby to listen to anything outside of indie, puh-lease. soon enough your little bands will bite the dust and sell out to live the glamorous life. and i’ll be listening… (most likely to a remix) *shortay gettin down low low low low…


currently seeking: more NastyGal goodies…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on May 28, 2011

as most of you know, i purchase many of the items in my wardrobe from bay area online site, NastyGal. OBSESSED i tell ya! here are a few things i am hoping to buy come next paycheck lmao! just hope they still have my size!

shop shop shop!

Shop Nasty Gal

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