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us + bikes…

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on August 31, 2010

thank you SUZY for these awesome photos!!! ❤ i gotta work on my poses FML hahahhahaha

these were taken during our ride to fort tilden with the nike crew

Hellz-Bellz Fall Delivery 1 2010 Collection

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on August 31, 2010

i feel SO blessed to be surrounded by talented friends. really, i sometimes look back at my life and think – WOW, how the HELL did i make it here?! answer: i’ve met the right people and the right time.

one of these individuals is lawn. and despite a recent tragedy, she (and the rest of the hellz team) pushes on, stronger than ever, so i’m not surprised that the Hellz-Bellz first delivery for Fall 2010 is everything (and more than) a girl could ever want in her closet!

aptly named “The Rest is Her Story,” the collection portrays vengeful vixens, sensuality and ferocity. dark dark and more dark please!

gah – can’t wait to get my hands on these pieces, i’m going to be one broke bitch if hellz continues to kill it season after season!

**editor’s note: as i’m typing this i just received a package from hellz!**


and thank you to HELLZ for sending over these! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

“head b*tch” bracelet

“complicated” lace tank

“forever young” tank with a mesh back! sexyyyyy

*photos taken with iphone4


MadeMe F/W 2011 Collection!

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on August 31, 2010

holler! my girl erin is KILLIN it with her MADEME fall/winter 2011 collection! gah! whenever i get ready for work one of the first things that come in mind are: “i wonder if lanie and erin would approve of my outfit today?” bahahhahahaha!

tough, edgy, sexy – yes. i want them ALL. especially those cargo jackets, bleached button up, and cropped top… so yea, ALL of it lmao.

check out the FULL coverage on LADYLIKE =)

great job erin! can’t wait to get my hands on some of these pieces!!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

mademe, posted with vodpod

…on being a fatty: ENID’S (yes they have food too)

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on August 30, 2010

suz and i continued working on our project and it brought us to enid’s where we had an early dinner. enid’s at night is usually packed with skaters, hipsters and girls looking to get laid, but during the day, its pretty chill =P

they have great food and a lovely drink called the harrison. we ordered their pickled plate, shared some curry cake sliders, and even ordered blackened catfish sandwich – yes, we were hungry.

oh yea. we ordered dessert.

560 manhattan ave
brooklyn ny 11222

outfit post: drapes and stuff…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on August 30, 2010

we got a little preview of fall the other week and i got to wear my hellz-bellz banshee jacket, hellz denim, and yes, i actually got to wear SOCKS for once!


outfit deets: boots (docs) | denim (hellz-bellz) | dress (f21) | jacket (hellz-bellz)

…on being a fatty: WITH PATTY! @ Blue Bird Sky

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 29, 2010

one of my interns (yes i have them) PAT visited ny this week and we FINALLY linked up for lunch! i took her to a quaint cafe called blue bird sky on the border of chinatown. ain’t she a cutie??? oh yea, she thought we were the same height – ooh girl no, i am not 4’11” =P !

i ordered their nicoise salad and she got their flank steak sandwich. they also serve up peanut butter, banana, honey sandwiches that i hear are the shiiiiiiit.

oh yea, pat’s from canada so she brought me some canadian delicacies… hahahhaha! thank you pat!!!!

Blue Bird Sky
121 Baxter St. NYC

*photos taken with iphone4

CHROME NYC Flagship Store Opening Party!

Posted in Events by yoshi on August 28, 2010

for 4-5 hours STRAIGHT, john cardiel rocked the new Chrome store with reggae tunes – had everyone going NUTS! i think that’s the longest i’ve ever stayed at a store opening event – on record.

igei (who by the way is also sponsored by chrome hehehe), myself, matt (shut), jahoon, wonka, tyler (outlier) and the rest of the chari & co guys rode over to the spot and jason (who works there) kindly let our whole group in without any problems – thanks jason!!!

throughout the night, we danced, we drank (a lot) and ate (a lot). the meatball shop graced chrome with their catering!!! how awesome is that?!

but the best part was the fact that they did NOT run out of alcohol even after the event ended around midnight – WTH?! i guess that’s why the store remained jam-packed til the very end lol.

jamie reyes serving up the drinks and free t's (the one she's wearing)

matt and jahoon!

gio and i used to work together at the reedspace a loooong time ago =)

jahoon stuffing his face

awwww kai!!! ❤

shadi ❤ (kai's pops fyi)

yuri shibuya (if you don't know about her... google her), et moi (and jahoon)

wonka and his new haircut

igei's drunk ass

bahahahha - good times with cardiel and yuri ❤ these guys *excuse my ugly face - i was LMAO

carl's drunk ass

hell yea! trudy and our plate of BALLS

tak and nish!


the CHROME boys


roxy looked ADORABLE! i miss this lady!!!

we got gifts! (it was a pouch)

he kept it going allllll night long

epic fucking night with great people… this is one opening to remember =)

…on being a fatty: Delicatessen and the Dirty-Debs

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Events by yoshi on August 28, 2010

the other night my favorite lady promo team: the dirty debutantes, threw their last night at the lower lounge of delicatessen. once cannot go to delicatessen and not eat. so that’s what i did. i brought along my co-worker sandra and treated her out to dinner since she’s going back to sf to finish up school.

we ordered bbq sliders (you MUST order these), truffled fries with parmesan (these too are to DIE forrrrrr), and to feel a little healthy, we got some grilled asparagus topped with prosciutto hehehehe:

mmmmm slidersssss

fries... i could NOT stop eating these!!!

grilled asparagusssss

and to finish it off, we ordered “the birthday cake” and hell yea it felt like it was my birthday! with vanilla gelato!?!?! i want to have this for my birthday… which should be celebrated everyday. ok, i’ll settle for every month. thanks.

after we stuffed our faces with food, we headed downstairs to hangout with the ladies and some friends, louie showed up too! =)

oh yes, they were serving specials on mimosas and sangria… you know i was all about the sangria. all 1/2 of it! bahahaha #lightweight – thanks sandra for finishing it for me

L-R: kristen, friend, tara:

sandra and linda!

oh yes! i forgot to mention that unkle chip was dj’ing that night too! lmao – his corporate attire, i didn’t even recognize him

Delicatessen & MacBar (yes, they have a mac & cheese bar too!)
54 Prince Street, New York, NY‎
(212) 226-0211‎

i love ladies nights… i need more of them

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