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…on pampering yourself

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 29, 2009

today i left work early to get a mani/pedi and finish some last minute shopping before my trip to vancouver tomorrow.

i’ve been to valley nails SEVERAL times over the past few years for events and what not, however, i finally decided to peep out their services: wax and nails.

why the hesitation?

honestly the pricing scared me as i was used to the bushwick ghetto treatment for just under 20 bucks lol.

i have to admit – i was totally FLOORED at their services. i love their waxing lady – she scolded me. told me that my other wax jobs (under the pits lol) were bad and that’s why my skin isn’t as smooth as a baby’s bottom (okay, so she didn’t use those EXACT words but basically that’s what she was telling me in her brazilian accent). the girls who did my mani/pedi were the nicest cutest gals from osaka area in japan. you will see my work below. one of the girls did up her nails with bows on them (using an previous pic from a valley event i attended not too long ago) and the other girl, maki i think, was just tooooo adorable – they did an AMAZING job.

the owner, julia, what can i NOT say??? having really spoken to her on a more personal level today and watching her as she works and as i’m getting my nails did, i am bowing down to her ability to run shop and be an amazing business woman. did you know valley nails did special complimentary mani’s during the topshop opening??? now THAT’s business.

i now realize why women pay money to get pampered. PLUS, they do crazy ass japanese nail art – SO MUCH DETAIL.

i decided to play with some fav’s – grey nail polish, hello kitty, and of course ICE CREAM! and best believe these were done allll by hand. next time i’m gonna do it up and get all nails done with some crazy ass jewels/diamonds/color/bows/etc lol.


grey polish on my toes too! and check out my $5 patricia field heels =P


*the girl with the bow on her nails did my pedicure – didn’t feel any of her nails scratch me even once!

(photo taken from valley sale event)



*i’m very hard to please so take my word for it – valley is the shit.

skate sesh in fort greene

Posted in Skateboarding by yoshi on April 28, 2009

i love…

  1. riding my bike.
  2. watching my bf skate.
  3. watching my bf and his bff skate.
  4. zooming on my panasonic lumix.
  5. watching kids trying to get into the monument.
  6. watching a child photographer take his first skate photo.
  7. doing all of the above in fort greene…..



















squirt never stops

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…on summer bike riding

Posted in Fashion, Food for Thought by yoshi on April 28, 2009

guys can go around riding bikes with shorts and no shirt. ladies can ride a bike wearing…

uhm yea.

SO NOT riding topless, that is, unless you’d like to see my jelly rolls =P

today, i wore a summer dress.

i wore cut off wesc denim shorts under.

tucked my dress into my messenger bag.

arrived a sweaty mess to work.

but at least i was wearing a dress.


Posted in Random by yoshi on April 25, 2009


this winter has been long and brutal.

the beginning of spring has been even more disappointing.

this weekend will hit above the 80’s so…….

move over bitches!

i’m back and ready to party.

apologies in advance if i tend to slack on posts – this just means i’m capturing more moments for you all to gawk at here and on my other blogs! yay!

*as i was googling images to use… i found these other awesome kitty ones



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…on never leaving a girl hungry

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 22, 2009


do what you must.

stuff a piece of gum in her mouth.

give her a sip soda.

tell her that you will be eating soon.

tell her that you will be buying the food… soon.

give her chips.

give her fucking dry noodle bits from the cup o noodles cup for goodness sake!

DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN ASK: “what do you want to eat?

because SHE WILL REPLY: “i don’t fucking know!!!! if i knew i wouldn’t be all hungry right now and would have gotten the food already!” and then will continue to scowl and bitch until she is fed.

…..i am starving.

like, right now.

i came home and the bf was chillin at the computer.

no food on the table.

not even a “hey, i’ll get food soon” or “you wanna eat?”


….he is now riding his bike.

in the rain.

to get mc donald’s.


that shit better be warm.

…on feeding and reading: google reader vs netvibes

Posted in Blogosphere, Food for Thought by yoshi on April 21, 2009

ok so being an avid blogger i pretty much get the WTF response when i tell them i don’t use rss feeds or readers or whatever they’re called.

call me old fashioned but i like the ability to check out blogs when i feel like checking, not when they are instantly updated. this feeling is much like the way i refuse to facebook and twitter via mobile.

i suppose its because i still want to remain in touch with “reality.”

i’m in front of the computer more than half of the day so i feel that its really healthy to step away from the e-world, plus i’d rather keep SOME anonymity right???

however, i DO see many of the perks of participating and signing up for google reader or netvibes. since i contribute and write about upcoming products/events/interviews etc for a few of my other blogs, its essential that i stay on top of my game, and i can’t always count on pr or random emails telling me “hey, check this out happening next week!”

i think i’ll give it a shot.

either with google reader or netvibes.

at first glance google reader is totally simplified. you can create folders and just subscribe on the spot to various blogs you follow.

netvibes provides different widgets you can customize. so you can have your gmail, facebook, twitter, blog1, blog2, entertainment, lifestyle shit right on one screen. pretty cool. (i think i’m just attracted to the design of it).

we’ll see how long it takes me to give up. (i signed up today for both to test, i only lasted 15 min.)

what do you guys think?

google reader:




…on, you know, THAT time

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 20, 2009

i apologize in advance to any of you dudes that are reading my blog.

ACTUALLY, if you’re a dude, i’d advise you to stop reading… like NOW.




ok, don’t say i didn’t warn you…

i just have to say that i’m in a crappy fucking mood. i’m highly emotional. all i want is ANYTHING a la mode. i feel soooo un-enthuuuuused. i can’t think of anything better than to just talk shit all day… oooh how nice that would be =)

i’m bloated like a mu’fkr, allowing myself to believe that all my ab-work has gone to the crapper because i feel like i’ve added 10 lbs around the waist. i hate pms’ing. much worse than actually being on the p.rod. am i right? or am i right.

don’t bother me with stupidity for the next 1.5 weeks if you know what’s best for you.

on a lighter note. what DOES make my day is listening to while at work or on the train, and YES i DO dance with my headphones on:

  • run the show: kat de luna, don omar
  • boom boom pow: black eyed peas
  • little bit: lykke li, drake (i’ll be purchasing tix to see her in june)
  • livin a lie: the dream, rihanna
  • beggin: madcon
  • zero: yeah yeah yeahs
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