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Posted in Fashion, Friends & Familia, Outfit, Twilight by yoshi on June 30, 2010

thanks to my buddy nat, i was able to watch eclipse the day before everyone else did – woot woot! he always hooks a twihard up =P i’m especially grateful because he trekked it all the way out with a sprained ankle/foot, so i gotta figure out a way to make it up to him. maybe i’ll get him that pimp stick he’s been talkin bout…

eclipse is the BEST one yet!!! GAH! i’ve already seen in 2 times hahahaha (yes, i ended up watching the midnight showing the next day… i know… i know… shut it).

i went to the new forever21 in times square. i wasn’t expecting much, so i was quite shocked when i actually found a ton of shit. 4 floors of craziness and the lines for the fitting rooms weren’t bad at all! i give it 2 thumbs up… for now =P

outfit deets: top (or whatever you call it | urban outfitters on sale) | shorts (f21) | fedora (f21) | wedges (jessica simpson, but thanks to wendy!)

suz and grace…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 28, 2010

i passed by nike stadium to say what’s up to suz.

she was busy playing some kind of handball…. by herself.

the amazingGRACE was in town too.

so we met up with her and ate at petite aubeille.


oh yea. suz also got her hair did.

sometimes…its just hard being a lady

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on June 25, 2010

simply put, boys don’t understand what its like to be a woman. ESPECIALLY a woman living in new york.

other than what i’ve heard about jamaica and witnessed first hand in italy, new york is full of men on the prowl.

as a lady, we take on the daily ritual of being whistled at, hissed at, called out to, followed for a block while ignoring the dude who’s trying to holler and won’t stop until you cross the street, you name it.

we deal with comments like:

“heyyy sexxxxxy, where you goin? can i come?”


“konichiwa sexy”

“ay chinita! ::insert whistle::”

*that will be a day when i hear a man in the hood shout out to me, “hoy pinay! magandang umaga!”

now, some of you may be thinking – that’s not TOO bad. at first, no, its not – it sure as hell boasts my ego no doubt, and there are those few men that come up with more clever ways to grab your attention that i can’t help but laugh and say hello back. however, when you hear this non-stop for a 4 block radius, don’t you think its a bit much? after a while, you feel like you’re walking down a catwalk… in a stripclub.

don’t get it twisted though – i’m not saying i get this greeting allll the time because i’m just so hot the men just HAVE to holler at me – hell no – these men will holler at anything with t&a (and they don’t even have to be big!), they’re just more verbal out here in ny.

while some women love the attention, i, and i know many other ladies i’m sure, just can’t understand WHY we need to just get used to it… or ignore it. its not fair.

the reason i bring this up, is because the bf gets mad at me for asking him to come with me to the corner store or to the chicken spot a few blocks away to pick up some food. he says i can never do anything myself – which is SO not true if anyone knows me at all. the REAL reason i want him to come with me every chance i get, is because, well sometimes… i just need a break from this tootin’ and hollerin! like FOR REAL, can these men just give a girl a break from feeling like we’re on display for once? i figure, that if i’m with a dude, my own bf no less, it would lessen the obscene comments that much more…

but what does the bf do when we go to the chicken spot?

he LEAVES me while i’m at the atm! so now i gotta walk by the damn barbershop to catch up with him 3 buildings down, and of course i get the “ay ay – konichiwa blondie – where you headin?” yadda yadda yadda, plus the knocking on the window to try to get my attention… and did the bf hear any of it? OF COURSE NOT! when i told him what just happened (even after telling him WHY i wanted him to come with me), he said, “well, isn’t that a good thing?” aowiefhapwiefhapwoiefhawpoifhawoeifh!!!! WTF!

i have no energy to argue. i’m hungry. i eat. we leave. we walk by the barbershop and the guys are still there, but instead of hollerin at me this time, they say w’sup to my bf and the bf asks, “what time you guys open? aite coo, thanks” GAH! no words.

men, if you’re reading, please treat women with a bit more respect. you’ll find, that we’ll actually respond to you better.

KedsWhitney Summer Session!

Posted in Blogosphere, Events by yoshi on June 24, 2010

i’m excited to share with you my new summer project with keds and the whitney museum! teeheheehehehehe!

keds is sponsoring the whitney live summer season by showcasing artists and musicians. keds is also releasing 3 collections with 3 artists in conjunction to their sponsorship with the whitney.

thanks to keds and the whitney, i’ll be contributing to the keds’ blog to give you all the latest news surrounding the summer events, so i really hope to see you there!

oh yea! and please bookmark and share the stuff we’ll be posting =)

oh yea… haha, here are some moded pics of me last night riding my bike around the park trying to show off my skills in a dress and my keds… *note to self: avoid tube tops in the future. flat chest = eyesore. #denial

meet mr. sean g…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 24, 2010

my boy sean is a very very talented and motivated individual. its very rare to meet someone that works in the same kind of profession as myself (interactive digital… aka my full time job) and still share the same interests that reach far beyond the digital realm.

its nice to geek out once in a while to learn about new technology, awesome interactive sites recently launched and then switching up to skateboarding, X clothing brand, or X event that just took place…

sean recently designed and developed a Nike(RED) #endAIDS landing page and even created a dedicated twitterpage/feed to help support the cause. you may have seen it being retweeted through out twitter, if not, get on it!

*oh yes, shout out to sky and the epiphany team for making this happen!

he and i will hopefully be working on some projects together in the near future, so we decided to catch up and regroup over food from tartinery, a lovely french spot in nolita….

i forgot what we had.. i think i had the tartare and sean had the croque mademoiselle or something like that… but both were EQUALLY filling and sooooo delicious!

thanks sean for the recommendation – good choice!

meet mr. chris reed…

Posted in Blogosphere, Friends & Familia, Photography by yoshi on June 23, 2010

he’s a photographer.

he’s VERY tall.

he’s the nicest boy ever with an honesty that gets him in trouble, but something i just love about him.

he got his camera stolen so hasn’t been able to update his blog, so sad =(

and he recently gave me a print to hang up on my wall of talented friends at home!!! (still in the works fyi) love!

i found out sooooo much more about this young man, its just unbelievable what he’s experienced in such a short time! amazing – i’m in awe of him… he’s definitely a survivor lol.

oh yea, we had bubble tea in williamsburg.

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Rogan x BFF

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on June 23, 2010

the BFF (bicycle film festival) just ended last week. with my busy schedule i was only able to attend a couple of events and wasn’t able to watch any films – womp womp.

one of the events i went to was the Rogan: BFF shindig where attendees kicked off the 10th anniversary of BFF by watching a few select short films curated by brendt barbur, the founder of bff.

i had a quick meeting with my friend jill (which i’ll share with you later), and then we both rode over to rogan (jill is also a volunteer for bff – busy bee!).

ms. rikalika =)

yes. this is real.

rika and i didn’t end up staying that long because, well, our boys (as seen below) were “too cool for school” and wanted to do other stuff, but we had a great time with the beverages provided hehehehe. thank you jill!

you can view more pics HERE, on rogan’s blog!

…skate date?

Posted in Skateboarding by yoshi on June 22, 2010

a couple of weeks ago (yes, i know, i’ve been lagging!) the bf and i made some plans with our friends, rodney and his girl monica. we decided to go on a “skate date” in which we, the girls, would sit and watch our boys skate… yes. that’s right. lol

i don’t mind it so much since i really do enjoy watching these guys get down and dirty and do some crazy ass shit on a piece of wood and 2 sets of wheels. when i was in high school i used to skate… not like SKATE SKATE, but i could maneuver here and there and ollie… stationary… if i were on grass…

anywho – its been a long time since i’ve been to an indoor spot – the last time was about 2 or 3 years ago when i first started dating the bf and he and his old roommate, joey pepper (i love joey!!!) went to the “drop in” jersey. it was winter. there was no heat inside. i was cold. however, i DID manage to film 2 of joey’s kayo clip of the weeks! woot woot! even did the little hand over viewer thing… bahahahaha! found the clip!

ok back to the skate date. we ended up going with a few other guys, and took the train over to park slope-ish where homage skateshop had a small indoor set up. pretty dope. good times indeed…

i also have footage of our excursion… but i don’t know how to edit them together… so that will have to wait for another time hehehehehe =X

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