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nerd alert: diggin’ these interactive sites…

Posted in Nerd Alert by yoshi on November 21, 2010

Part of working in the digital interactive field is trying to keep up with the latest sites and use of coding and technology to output some amazingly creative experiences. One of the sites worth checking out from time to time is Here they recognize agencies who’ve pushed the limits of design, user interaction and development to showcase their pieces. One of my projects at Rokkan won site of the day here (hehehe – just sayin’).

Here are a few sites I came across that I think are worth sharing:

1. UNIQLO: Lucky Line | Agency: Dentsu | Taiwan

UNIQLO always has some crazy way to reach out and connect to their consumer base online, they continue to come up with clever ways to digitally interact with their shoppers through the web – a feat that is typically sought as a struggle to pull in e-consumers to the actual brick and mortar.

When they launched the opening of their new Taipei store, they created a site that allowed costumers to virtually wait in line before the physical retail store doors opened via Facebook and Twitter. I THINK (because the site is no longer live) user could also create their own personal avatars! How awesome is that?!

2. LEVI’S: Curve ID | Agency: Duke/Razorfish | US

Levi‘s has upped their marketing campaign in the past few months and it looks like they want to close out 2010 with a bang. I think they’ve finally understood the importance of mass digital media and interaction.

With their new product, Levi’s Curve ID denim, they found a clever way to aid their female online consumers in finding the perfect fit for their body shape. Using video clips, profiler questionnaires, and of course, hot models, I think Levi’s achieved a fun way to view the usual fit guide grid.

3. LEVI’S: Soundwash Laundry | Agencies: TBWA/Tequila | Hong Kong

Wow, Levi’s Asia has really put some fun into their Levi’s Square Cut “Soundwash” campaign. The site itself takes a while to load, but to entertain you, there’s a band on the bottom right corner that interacts with the music as it plays, pretty cool. Once loaded, the intro animation is pretty awesome in itself, showing you a 3-D world of a laundrymat.

You can also choose your favorite denim product and “Soundwash” it with some personal picks to drop into the washer depending on your chosen music style, Hip-Hop for example. You can also upload your own photo to add into the washer and also determine the speed of your wash, etc. It’s actually pretty fun (except for the load time, maybe its just me), but I did enjoy how they intertwined music with the style of denim: visual + sound = FUN!

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