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UNIQLO: New Store Launch Campaign – it’s me (teehehehe)!

Posted in Events, Fashion by yoshi on August 7, 2011

A couple of months ago I tweeted about participating in an amazing project and just this past weekend UNIQLO launched their new store launch on 5th Ave. for Fall, and as part of the campaign, they asked a few New Yorkers to share their voice and I was asked to be one of them! Crazy right?! =D

A pretty big group of New Yorkers participated in a photoshoot, all styled with UNIQLO’s Fall collection (hence my yellow cashmere turtleneck and purple bubblevest lol!), while a selected few were asked to take part in on camera interviews, et voila! (it must have been all the snorting and laughing I did during my photoshoot!)

The campaign is called: VOICES OF NEW YORK. To celebrate the launch of their new store in NY, they asked us to share our experiences, our favorite places, and our inspirations. I felt gracious to be among some of the other individuals casted, like Josh Rubin and his partner Evan Orensten of Cool Hunting, talented photographer, Tim Barber, and David Karp the founder of Tumblr!


via David Karp’s tumblr…

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  1. spikessequins said, on August 8, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    yay yoshi! congrats!

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