the adventures of yoshi

…adventures of being a wuss

Posted in Events, Twilight by yoshi on October 23, 2009

and going to a haunted house with a bunch of girls and one guy.

Picture 4

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  1. gorillaintheroom said, on October 23, 2009 at 11:57 AM

    ooooh looks like fun! i’m a big wuss, though… the last haunted house i went to, i only went through one room (the grudge girl was on the floor crawling after me!). i ran out without even looking through the other rooms… and dragged all my friends with me =\

  2. […] a good idea when you’re trying to visit a “haunted house.” as i mentioned before, a few vampire (more like twilight) enthusiasts and i went to NIGHTMARE Haunted House NY – […]

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